Camello: The Future Of Home Delivery Services Is Here

Robots have replaced humans, not completely but the present-day inventions promise that one day we humans won’t have much to do. It’s worrisome but the present covid-19 situations are even more worrisome. Buying daily essentials and groceries has become tough for everyone and also highlights the need of updating home delivery services. A Singapore Company OTSAW Digital has come to ensure no human come in contact while shopping the day-to-day essentials.

home-delivery robots

To facilitate safe and hygienic home delivery services, the company has built pair of robots named Camello who are available for a one-year trial for the residents. Robots offer pick-up services to customers who have placed orders using a mobile application.

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It works similarly to usual delivery services where the users get notifications whenever their order is about to reach. They can track locations and receive the order on time.

Camello is a bulky suitcase-type robot made use of 3D sensors and a camera to identify the location, items, and make on-time delivery. This initiative will ease the burden from the delivery boys, here is how.

Pain Of Carrying Parcel

home-delivery robots

It’s painful to see delivery boys carrying heavy loads on their backs and travel kilometers to serve parcels on time. Thus, strained shoulder, neck pain, muscle aches, and other health issues are common among them.

If you ask how heavy the load is, it could be up to 40 kg. Imagine carrying this much weight every day. Using a robot for quick service without compromising with the load weight seems a far better option. However, Camello can carry only 20 kg of parcels which can either be food or solid parcels.

Mitigating Risk Of Infections

home-delivery robots

Covid-19 is a communicable disease that can be easily spread when one comes in close contact with an infectious person. This is risky for both employees of parcel companies and their customers as it’s tedious to keep track of every infectious person.

With some precautions, it can lower the risks but the camello can completely mitigate it. They are equipped with self-disinfect technology so that robots can disinfect themselves after each delivery. This ensures that each trip is contactless and safe.

The autonomous robots, Camello work as a Robot As a Service and is a boon for retailers, customers, and delivery companies. It aims to boost customer experience, reduce delivery time and costs, and minimize the complexity of the supply chain of the system.

Although these benefits of delivery robots are worth embracing the idea, the problem arises in implementing the process. The young generation who is tech-savvy may find it a cool idea but elderly people will face some issues. To minimize these, the company employees will be accompanying the robots.

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The Singapore-based company, OTSAW, works majorly in the field of advanced robotics, AI, RaaS, and Security technology. It has built robots for business and consumers in these fields and served around 7 nations. The major inventions are the Camello, O-RX( a disinfection robot), and O-R3 which is a security patrol robot.

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