BJP Leader Claims Indian Cows Give Milk Mixed With ‘Gold’ And Calls Foreign Cows ‘Aunties’ And We’re No Longer Surprised!

Keeping the competition alive for ‘Who can say/do more stupid stuff in the year 2019’, we have a new entry ladies and gentlemen!

This brand new performance has come from West Bengal, where, a BJP leader has made some (read foolish) remarks on Indian Cows and Foreign Cows and we’re scratching our heads pondering over who’s more stupid, ‘them’ or us, who chose ‘them’ to bring reform in the first place!

Talking about reforms, “Ache Din Toh Nahi Aye, Bewakoofi Bhare Din Zaroor Aa Gaye!”

Anyway, attention to details, BJP Chief of West Bengal, Dilip Ghosh, while talking about a sensational issue like beef-eating, blabbered about Indian Cows being superior to Foreign Cows as they give milk mixed with ‘Gold’ and Foreign Cows should be called ‘Aunties’!

Here, have a look at the verbal diarrhoea yourself:

Dilip Ghosh WB BJP Chief
Via: Firstpost

Dilip Ghosh WB BJP Chief
Via: Firstpost

Dilip Ghosh WB BJP Chief
Via: Firstpost

How effortlessly has he let stupidity ooze from his mouth! I wish we could find some cure for the epidemic of imbecility that has spread throughout the country before the year ends!



Pragati Pal
I am an Engineer by degree and a creative content writer by profession. I am an avid reader and Sarcasm is my forte.

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