Best Online Games For PC And Android!

Online gaming is on the rise! Thanks to the lightning-fast internet speed and technology, video games and online games have become so popular and keep us hooked to our pc.

Online gamers can enjoy these games on their browser and Androids for free. Out of so many new Online games available for PC, you might find it a bit confusing to choose one!

So, here is a list of popular online games for your PC and Android:



PlayerUnknown’s Battleground is an online multiplayer game that is available for Microsoft Windows, Android, IOS, Xbox One and PlayStation four. It is a Battle Royale game developed by PUBG corporation. In the game, the players are sent to the island where they survive by getting equipped with weapons and kill other players until they are the only ones remaining hence winning the game. Interestingly, the area keeps on decreasing so that players are forced to encounter each other.

PUBG has also struck a lot of controversies in India.

2. Fortnight Battle Royale

Fortnight Battle Royale
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It is one of the most popular games which crossed over 125 million downloads in the release year. It is a survival, Battle Royale online game available for Android, pc, IOS, Xbox and Nintendo switch. This game can be played alone, duo or in a squad and consists of up to 100 players who scavenge for resources, equipment, and vehicles to survive. The battlefield eventually decreases in the area and leads to more encounters from other players. The last single, duo or squad that survives wins. Fornite is also available in two other versions called Fortnight: save the world and Fortnight Sandbox.

3. Hearthstone


Hearthstone is a free online collectable card game available for Microsoft Windows, IOS, macOS and Android. It is developed by blizzard entertainment and is has a single and multiplayer game mode. The players take turns to play their cards from their card decks comprised of 30 cards with a designated hero. The designated hero is attacked by the powers of the cards and by summoned minions and the remaining hero wins the game. In the single-player mode, it has adventure quests and rewards. This game is so popular that is earns 40 million dollars monthly.

4. Counter-strike: global offence

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It is a first-person shooter multiplayer game that is available for Microsoft Windows, OS X, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and Linux. This game has 11 million new players every month and nine-game modes. The game has two teams the terrorists who plant the bomb or defend the hostages and the counter-terrorists who prevent the bomb planting, defuse it or rescue the hostages. It also has a free online gaming version.

5. League of Legends ( LoL)

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It is an online multiplayer game based on the battle arena. It is one of the most popular games with 100 million active players each month. It is available on Microsoft Windows and Mac OS. It comprises of players who are called summoners who control their champion with different abilities. Every champion starts as weak and gradually becomes strong by acquiring powers. The player who destroys the Nexus of opposing team wins!

These are some of the best browser games which can be played online and are easy to download.

Happy gaming!

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