Beauty Alert! Makeup Products You Should Replace Every Year

Throwing away your favorite lipstick or even liners hurt more than a breakup, isn’t it? Because a good one is expensive and replacing it every few month isn’t possible for everyone. Unfortunately, everything has an expiry date but if you’re thinking of saving some bucks by fixing your old mascara or lipstick then it’s gonna cost you more.

Here’s what happen when use old make up.

What’s The Need To Change Cosmetics?

old makeup products
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Every cosmetics, right from the lipsticks, foundation to even the powder blush expires after some time. Their appearance, texture, and even fragrance changed upon expiry and they become a ground for bacteria especially those containing humectants, oils, and water.

In case of products containing oils and butters, the expiry process begins early even when unopened as they lack preservatives and cause skin issues.

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Although the skin issues are not life-threatening one can get sties, eye infections, acne breakouts, rashes, irritation, and more. But, it can cause blood poisoning if applied on the damaged skin with cuts, grazes, or on delicate areas like eyes, as per The Journal of Applied Microbiology. 

[Note: Cosmetic products without preservatives have shorter shelf-life]

When To Toss Out The Beauty Products?

Old is not gold when it comes cosmetics and once you open a product, the process of breakdown begins and it gradually expires with time. However, an unopened one may last for more than an year if stored at cool and dry place.

Still, one should know a broad timeline to stay away from the side effects of cosmetics. Here’s a brief info on each product.

Lipstick Lasts More Than A Year

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Sadly, your favorite lipstick can’t live more than a year as they contain natural hydrating ingredients to keep your soft skin moisturized. Same goes for lip gloss as well so change your lipsticks every year.

However, a good one can lasts up to 18-24 months but for more accurate info see the label.

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Change Your Foundation Every Year

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It’s easy to know whether the foundation has reached to expiry date or not as it begins to separate when the oil reaches to top layer. Moreover, foundation is made of spreading agents that tends to clog your pores causing acnes. This is called as acne cosmetica.

The preservatives used into foundation also lose their properties and become ineffective with time. Any contact with skin thus leads to growth of bacteria and results into infection, so don’t use foundation after 12 months or date mentioned on label.

Mascara Has Short Shelf-Life

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Although mascara has long shelf-life than foundation and can last up to 2 years; used one expires soon, usually 3 months. But it can be hard to notice any signs of breakdown.

Expert suggest checking for a peculiar odor as it is the sign to discard the product. Another way to check is look for any signs of irritation in the eyes or eyelashes.

Lastly, if the mascara doesn’t last a day as usual then go get a new one.

Eyeliner Fades Within 3 Months

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Never take risk when it comes to eyes as they are very delicate organs. Expired eyeliner can cause infection, irritation, puffiness, and redness in eyes which can turn into serious issues if overlooked.

Moreover, risk of contamination is more so replace an eyeliner within 3-6 months.

Blush Lasts Longer

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Blushes can survive longer than other makeup products because they lack humectants, water, and oily ingredients. However, the type of blush you choose can have varied shelf-life.

The dry ones need a little care in order to work best for 3-4 years. Remove the upper layer as a hard film develops on the blush due to skin oil. On the other hand, cream blushes need replacement once a year as they come into direct exposure of air. Those in a stick works well up to 2 years.

Do not wait for the expiry signs to appear, toss the old makeup products out of your shelf when it start smelling bad or results into poor application.





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