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Attention! Here Are 5 Unhealthy Habits That Might Ruin Your Sex Life

Intimacy is an important part of a relationship that can deeply affect your bond. We all have some easy, some rough days in our lives. Our partner is the one that helps us get through the rocky times. Apart from trust, love, and understanding, you can still miss intimacy with your partner.

We all want our relationships to never lose the essence of intimacy and closeness. However, the truth is there might be days when we feel that the excitement has gone. But if the feeling persists it is an ALARM that you need to save your SEX LIFE. Bad sex life can be depressing and you would surely not want it for yourself.

Here are the common mistakes that you are doing that might ruin your sex life.

1. Excessive Smoking


The lifestyle might be a dominating factor in losing the intimacy between your partner. So everything comes down to the kind of lifestyle we adopt. Excessive smoking can be injurious to your health but might also affect your sexual relationship. Long term smoking habits can reduce your sex drive to a great extent.

Apart from this smoking leaves bad breath, discoloration of gums which can be a total turn off while getting intimate. Smoking affects differently in males and females. In females, it results in lowering their libido (sexual drive) while in males it leads to erectile dysfunction.

The consumption of products that contain tobacco can harm your urge to have sex and are equally harmful. Therefore it is advised to stay away from such products.

2. Not Giving Importance To Exercise


Exercise is an important regime we should follow daily. It helps in relieving the stress and relaxing our muscles. It gives energy and oxygen to every cell of our body which makes us feel fresh and energized. Apart from this exercising also helps in improving our stamina which plays a major role in how well we can perform sexual activities.

Tip: Couples can try yoga or hit the gym together and build up good stamina that would elevate their sex life.

3. Too Much Caffeine Intake


We all need our morning coffee to kick start our day but consuming too much coffee can deprive you of good sex. Caffeine is not good for our hormones and regular and too much intake can disturb the ‘normal’ level of hormones. Also, it can further push our body to produce more stress hormones adding trouble in our lives.

Tip: You can switch to healthier drinks such as green tea or herbal tea to give you the energy to start your day.

4. Not Taking Enough Sleep


The busy schedule often restricts us from taking enough rest and satisfactory sleep. This might affect us in various ways. When we compromise our sleep the hormones cause a decrease in libido lowering our sex drive. Also, lack of sleep might make you irritated, grumpy, and exhausted.

Tip: Go to bed with your partner early to avoid these complications in your intimacy.

5. Avoid Too Much Sugar


It is not a good idea to eat a lot and then go to bed. However, it is even more worse to eat too much sugar and then sleep. According to a study published in the American Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology sugar makes your vagina smell bad. Obviously, this can be a big turn off while you are trying to get intimate with your partner and can eventually ruin your sex life.

Tip: Eat more leafy vegetables and consume a diet that is healthy. Stay away from junk, if you are a sweet tooth just cut your portion to half.

Another factor that has been found affecting the couple’s sex life is when you sleep with your pets around or on your bed. It is very important that you enjoy quality time with your partner and getting intimate is one of them. However, it has been observed that when pets are around, couples are unable to get intimate. This could be build up tension between you and your partner.


Take time to enjoy your partner’s company to keep the spark alive. Sex can be a great stress reliever and being deprived of it can result in various health issues.

If you had been facing a problem in your sex life possibly it could be due to these reasons, However you can make alterations and get back the lost intimacy. Treasure the intimate bond you share with your partner and don’t let these factors RUIN your SEX LIFE!

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