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OMG!! Asaram Bapu’s Fans Played Such an Awful Trick!! Check Out the Details…

Asaram Bapu is a Hindu religious saint; he was accused of rape, and murder of charges. The saint has now served 10 years in prison; he has been sentenced to life imprisonment. 

Now that Asaram Bapu has completed 10 years in jail, his devotees have been outraged. They have appealed for justice for their Sant Asaram Bapu as they think that he is innocent. 

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Asaram Bapu: Victim or Culprit

The Bogus Case of Sant Shri Asaramji Bapu hasn’t ended even with all the proof of Bapuji’s innocence. Judicial experts have called this case bogus. Bapu’s followers have demanded the lawmakers and jury to act and consider the evidence that will help justify Asaram Bapu’s innocence.

Asaram has been in jail for ten years now. On the completion of a decade of anniversary, people have again raised their voice against the system. The topic went trending on Twitter today with the hashtag, “Justice Still Awaited”. A hope of common people has been aroused on social media platforms as they ask for justice for Asaramji Bapu.

Asaram Bapu

However, the topic slowly seems to slip out of the trending section as no action seems to be taken in the favor of the culprit Asaram Bapu. People were seen demanding for the release of Bapu. Bapu’s confinement seems like a conspiracy to his followers.

People were also seen questioning the human rights to favor Asaram. However, any of these demands recieved any interest from the governing authority, and the culprit will have to continue serving his sentence of life imprisonment.

One of Asaram’s followers shared a video on social media blaming law expert Kapil Sibbal for the incident;

A few more tweets went viral; all of these were asking for justice for the culprit Asaram Bapu:

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