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After Carry Minati’s Video Roasting TikTok Star Went Viral, Twitter Is Having Epic Meme Fest

As we all know that Tiktok has become one of the most popular and loved apps across India. It has a whopping following as compared to other popular social media apps.

Although the platform has some creative content creators. The app is mainly flooded with cringe-worthy TikTok videos.  Still, thousands of cringy videos get viral on TikTok and give YouTubers and memers their dose of cringe.

Some YouTube content creators have been using such TikTok videos to roast and react on the Tiktok Stars. It all began when some of the popular roasters made roast videos on Tiktokers.  This started Youtube Vs. Tiktok feud on Social media.

Soon after the #YoutubeVSTiktok went viral, Youtube roaster Carry Minati dropped a video where he ended the feud in his savage style.  Now the hashtag has become a meme and sparked an epic meme fest on Twitter.

If you haven’t watched this video yet watch it below:

Check out some of the hilarious tweets:


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Spreading hates, wrong information, taking youth to wrong direction and spying on our personal data and sending that to china. But still Tiktok is growing in India. Please ban this for better future.

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