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After Blue Whale, Dangerous ‘Skull Breaker Challenge’ Goes Viral On Tik Tok

The Internet has come up with some boon and some curse. The social media has definitely made us come upfront with people but also made us aware of the bitter reality. Everyday som new challenges go viral on the internet and people try them out for fun and post videos too.

Tik Tok recently made the ‘Skull Breaker Challenge’ viral in which three people stand in a line, al three of them jump and the corner two have to strike the middle one fall flat on their skull.

The video has stormed the Netizens and children are going crazy to try it. However, the challenge has caused some serious injuries to people.

School children are indulging in such challenges and parents are concerned. Many teachers have reported that children are taking up the challenge very seriously which can harm the students.

The challenge started off in Spain but many people are now trying it out. No case in India has been reported yet.

In this video, you can see how the person falls and becomes unconscious. Many people have already been injured and admitted to the Intensive Care Unit due to this.

Children should not try any viral challenge that can risk their life or cause serious harm.

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