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7 Brushes, One Purpose! Ace Your Beauty Game with These Essential Make-up Brushes

The beauty world is full of endless make-up products that can make anyone ask, what to lose and what to choose? Make-up brushes are no different, they are essential tools and help in blending all those products smoothly on your skin. But, not any brush can give that right proportion of blend because their bristle differs and so as their blending ability. Moreover, each one is made to target different areas. So, do you have the right set of brushes in your make-up arsenal?

Take a tour of our guide to essential make-up brushes and you’ll get the answer.

Powder brush

make up brushes

This one can be hard to pick as the type of brush depends on the powder you are using. There are wide ranges in this too, right from loose to press or mineral to translucent many are available. A soft and fluffy brush is good in case you are using setting powder as it prevents over application of it. For other powder brushes, rely on this tip- fluffy for lighter coverage and dense for full.

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Concealer Brush

make up brushes

Seems so tiny but is very useful in reality however many ignore this one. A synthetic concealer brush can do magic on your darker eyes, it can blend the liquid concealers with precision and give a lighter and moist appearance to your skin.

Foundation Brush

type of make up brushes
via: makeup.com

Foundation is the base of every make-up and it won’t give better results unless applied properly. A blender brush will help you get that look. Get a flat brush for better coverage of the face and those with acne-prone skin should go for a stippling brush. And those with extremely dry skin should opt for a beauty sponge instead of a brush.

Blush Brush

type of make up brushes
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Highlighting the cheeks is an important part of make-up and soft bristles of blush brush will let you create that magic by shading the cheekbones correctly. Apply the shade in an upward direction towards the ears and get the right shade and structure to the cheekbones.

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Eyeliner Brush

type of make up brushes

One brush, multiple jobs! An eyeliner brush gives you the flexibility to do more than just create that winged eyes. You can create lines above lines for different eye looks without feeling the need to change the brush.

Shadow Brush

type of make up brushes

Get a double-ended shadow brush for getting the worthy eye looks. This two-in-one brush lets you blend the shadows perfectly without worrying about over-application.

Brow Brush

Eyebrow brush

Grooming your brows is as important as styling your hair. Even though you don’t feel the need of getting one, buying an angled brow brush will help you get a polished finish and fuller brows.

So, ladies don’t miss these 7 essential make-up brushes if you truly want to lift up your make-up game.

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