Think Different!!! 7 Brands Boosting Customer’s Confidence With Unique Taglines

Not only a logo is the unique identity of a brand reflecting its values and principles, but the succinct taglines also show what a company truly aims for when targeting its customers. Some are out-of-the-box and inspire us to not give up and become better human beings. Gradually, these brands have became a part of our family by developing a deep sense of trust and connection with us. That’s what the ultimate aim is and to check how far the brands have succeeded in it we have come up with a short quiz.

Let’s test your knowledge about the brands and their unique taglines. Are you ready?

Look No Further Than These Brands For Daily Dose Of Inspiration

“Do What You Can’t”

This is what you might have heard multiple times whenever your abilities are judged but there’s one company that has been inspiring the customers since its launch. Can you guess the name? Almost everyone is using the smartphones and electronic gadgets manufactured by this company. It came into existence in 1938 and has headquarter in Seoul.

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brand with unique taglines

It’s Samsung, a company that has reached millions of homes across the world through its impeccable gadgets. “Do What You Can’t” was the tagline for its campaign in 2018. Originally the company logo says,” Inspire The World, Create The Future. Design For Human, The Next Big Thing.”

“Just Do It”

Another empowering brand’s tagline belongs to the company that believes in delivering innovative products and leaves unforgettable experiences in the minds of customers. This American MNC rules over millions of men and women with their footwear and apparel, any guesses? It was recently in news for being boycott by the Chinese over the Xinjiang Cotton controversy and Satan Shoes.

satan shoes

Hope this hint is enough? Yes, the correct answer is Nike.

“Because You’re Worth It”

Right from nourishing your skin to hair and ensuring that you look fabulous even in your 40s, this iconic fashion brand has truly stood up for women in every way. Recently, on its silver jubilee, the brand launched a “Stand up Against Street harassment” campaign in collaboration with an international NGO to empower women and train millions to deal with such situations.

stand up against street harassment

It’s none other than the famous beauty brand, L’Oreal Paris.

“Think Different”

Before you force your mind to get the brand’s name correctly, your English knowledge will make you think whosoever came up with the line might be a kid or has no knowledge of grammar. Well, that’s what makes it different and there’s only one person who has the accurate justification behind the slogan.

“You always had to be a little different to buy an Apple computer.” Did you get the hint? It’s Apple and these lines were said by Steve Jobs.

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apple tagline

This man had never stopped inspiring with his greatest inventions; one among them was the 1976 personal computer with no mouse, keyboard, and even monitor. Sounds Different? But everything is possible and the grammatically err in this two word tagline inspires you to think beyond the boundaries.

“Don’t Crack Under Pressure”

One of the most needed lines today is this one and the company behind it is one of the best manufacturers of luxurious timepieces. And to reflect the tagline correctly, the company has chosen the man of vision who believes and live his life on these lines. It’s Football ace, Christiano Ronaldo.

brands with unique taglines

Now it’s easy to guess the name? The Swiss company Tag Heuer is apt about the choice of words whilst reflecting the durability of its luxury watches and accessories.

“Born Tough”

This Indian brand rules the road and holds the major market share with its production. The company’s logo reflects Solidity and Trust and also ensures that every customer enjoys their journey without worrying about the safety of their vehicle’s tires. It’s difficult to guess if you have never noticed your bike or car’s tyres.


Cavi Elettrici e Affini Torino, commonly known as CEAT is the Indian-based tire manufacturing company that is transforming the market with its durable tyres and tubes.

“Save Money, Live Better”

Love shopping? Then this one is surely an easy cake for you.


The family-owned business turned into the global marketer with its impeccable services, supermarkets, grocery stores, and wholesale markets worldwide. The world’s largest retailer ‘Walmart’ has proven with its unique tagline that user-friendly marketing tactics are the only key to achieve greater height in the market.

It has modified its 2007 “Always low prices” tagline without comprising to serve better products at low prices.

Not just compilations of words, these taglines are the inspiration and way to make our life better. So, don’t just embrace the brand, follow their meaningful taglines as well.

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