Meet The Billionaires Of Tomorrow!!! 7 Kid Entrepreneurs Ruling The Business World

Who runs the business world? Kids!!! Well, you might disagree saying that running a company is not a kid’s business; but some extremely talented kid entrepreneurs have proved to the world that not only they can run a business but become millionaires as well.

Millionaire Isabel and Caroline from the United States are the paradigms of kids’ entrepreneurs ruling the industry. And Indian kids are not lagging. Check out the list of bossy kids from all over the world who are making money with their exceptional ideas and business skills.

Top Kid Entrepreneurs Around The World 

Apex Infosys India

Curiosity to do out-of-the-box, always thirsty for knowledge, and philanthropist nature of Advait paved way for him and he established the first company in 2015 straight from his study room. And the only goal was to bring the brilliant minds of India to one place i.e. Apex Infosys.

apex infosys

The youngest and hottest young entrepreneur, Advait has won several titles for his tech developments like Technology Quiz and Autism Awareness app. Apart from tech and business skills, Advait is a content creator, member of YLF, Google certified professional, and proficient in speaking Turkish, Japanese, and Sanskrit languages.

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Latera Logics

Science has driven many young minds of India to the peak of success. Arjun Santhosh Kumar is one such name and one of the youngest kid entrepreneurs who is ruling the tech world with his company Latera Logics. He began at the age when we were busy playing, at the age of 8 he entered into the world of several computer technologies including robotics.

kid entrepreneurs

But the world recognized his talent when he won the Inventor App Contest for developing Ez School Bus Locator in 2013. Since then, Arjun has developed several apps including iSafeGuard, iRobot, and Scribbly. He founded LateraLogics at 13 and now providing great solutions to day-to-day problems of life.

eDesign Technologies

Girls are not less than boys; that’s what the parents of Sreelakshmi taught her. With the motivation and entrepreneur mindset, Sreelakshmi stepped into the tech-world at the age of 10 when she developed a website for her school.

youngest CEO

She upgraded her designing skills and learned WordPress, SEO, PHP, and more. In 2006, she established a company that is now designing websites for more than 100 clients across the country.

Bubble Ball

kid entrepreneurs

More than 2 million downloads in the shortest period. Bubble Ball game brought a storm in the gaming industry and no there is no tech-giant behind the game. It is a computer prodigy from America, Robert Nay who was only 14 when he created this puzzle game.

Tech-world seems a comfortable area for most of the kids; however, kid entrepreneurs are also excelling in music, fashion, and the food industry too. Here’s the list.

Gladiator Lacrosse

An indigenous and tribal game popular in North America became not only a favorite of Rachel Zietz but also forced her to launch a brand “Gladiator Lacrosse.” Frustrated with the lack of safety equipment on the field, Rachel developed protective gear to keep herself safe on the ground.

kid entrepreneurs

Figuring out the lack of protective gear across the country, she launched a brand to support athletes like her. Within a year company earned revenue of $1million.

Mo’s Bows

Who said fashion is only a girl’s game, Meet founder of Mo’s Bows who is an inspiration for all the bow designers across the world. Moziah Bridges from the U.S designed the first bow when he could not find the right pair when he was only 9.

kids in business

With some leftover fabrics and the help of his grandmother, he made a neat and creative bow-tie. Since then, he has made millions of hand-made bow-ties and earns around $150,000 per year.

Mr Cory’s Cookies

No goal is big or small especially when it is associated with your family. Cory’s love for her mother and dream to buy a car for her made him youngest baker. He opened a baking company at the age of 6 and sold thousands of cookies that are not popular within the New Jersey but across the world.

youngest kid entrepreneurs
via: business2community

“ Size and Age Don’t Matter If You Truly Believe Yourself And Work Hard Then You Can Be Successful Too.”

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