Nike Facing Criticism For This Devil-Themed “Satan Shoes”

Designers can go miles away in terms of creativity to bring the craziest stuff for the buyers. A Street Wear Company of New York even went to hell to design Satan Shoes. Yes, you heard it right. The unique design of shoes is not creating buzz around the public but a secret ingredient it holds is forcing buyers to try it once. Unfortunately, it is the bad news for Nike as the original design of shoes is a copy of Nike’s shoes.

American rapper Lil Nas X is the face behind the Satan Shoes that he wore in his latest music video album “Montero.” He paired with the MSCHF Company to design the shoes that resemble Nike Air Max 97s.

What’s Unique In Satan Shoes?

Only limited shoes are put up on sale on Monday which will cost a buyer a hefty amount of $1,018. As it names, the shoes have a devil-themed design with the rapper’s name engraved on them. Well, the popularity of shoes rose because of Lil but another reason is its sole.

lil nas X satan shoes

The shoe sole contains human blood as mentioned on the company’s website. This is the reason why the 666 pairs of Satan Shoes were sold in a minute. Though the shoes attracted many buyers they do become a ground for criticism and legal lawsuits by Nike.

The issue gained much attention because Lil came out as a gay.

 Likes Or Dislikes To Satan Shoes

Users are boycotting and criticizing Nike for such unusual products that are unethical. However, Nike has clarified that neither Nike is involved in the Satan shoe project nor the designs were approved by the company.

Furthermore, the company requested to stop the production of such shoes to which the MSCHF Company has not responded. However, the name of the American rapper is not even involved in the suit as per the reports.

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