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5 High Carb Food Ideas That You Can Add In Your Daily Diet

In this era of ketogenic diet, carbs are misunderstood and are said to be avoided. Carbohydrates  are usually connected to weight gain, diabetes and other health related problems. But at the same time, Carbohydrates are an essential component of the diet.

Since, low carb food is beneficial for health as well as high carbohydrate foods. Food with high calories can also benefit your healthy diet.

Here is a list of 6 healthy high carb Indian Food:


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Oats are whole grain and a great source of high carbs containing antioxidants. They are also rich in protein.

Oats are also very full filling and lowers blood sugar level.

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It is also called as Garbanzo beans. Chickpeas are rich in nutrients. It not only helps in improving heart and digestive related health issues, but also protects the body from certain types of cancer.


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Yogurt is a dairy product having lactose which is also rich in carbohydrate. There are certain types of yogurt which are high in protein. People with lactose intolerant can take full-fat, probiotic yogurt.


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White rice is considered as a healthy source of carbs. However, people are often more in favor of eating brown rice, but white rice is one of the carb rich Indian foods.


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Belonging to the squash family, pumpkin is a nutrient dense veggie. It offers rich carbohydrate and other nutrients like fiber, vitamin A and non-heme iron.

Other than these diet food, here are some low carb diet ideas:


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Eggs have a wide variety of healthy nutrients. It is high in calories and can benefit health if taken daily. People having cholesterol can eat 2 eggs daily to control it. And it also helps in weight management and is proven as a best source of choline.


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If you are on a diet, chicken is said to be an “excellent source of protein”. It has a rich amount of vitamin B. Chicken helps in strengthening bones and building muscles. It also aids in weight loss.

Coconut oil

Coconut oil
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Saturated fats are very important for health. You can replace frying oils with coconut oil as a healthy source of high calories and can be used as a cooking oil.

But at the same time it should not be taken in excess as it is not a heart healthy diet. As every body reacts differently to a product so it can be avoided if any sort of reaction takes place.

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