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5 Different Types Of Liars You Will Come Across In Your Lifetime

Are you a compulsive liar or an occasional liar? Different types of liars lie differently out of their natural habit or interest. Some of which are noticeable while others are a bit tricky. Luckily, there are ways to identify different liars that help you deal with them in the best way.

Lying is something that we all do at some point in our life. Often, lying becomes natural when we think of it as a weapon to hide our faults. But it’s destructive, and it not only hurts others but the one lying too. So, wary of the hardship of identifying liars, it is crucial to know about different types of liars first. 

Types Of Liars That Exists The Globe

White Liars

different type of liars

Such liars tell the truth ( to an extent) and are harmless. Usually, white lies are a shield against someone from a damaging situation. Although it’s beneficial in some conditions, even white lies can cause trust issues. 

So, it’s better to approach the person and talk about it before it turns out into something significant. 

Occasional Liars

different types of liars

Lie occasionally isn’t bad, and liars who lie occasionally are not habitual. Usually, such liars admit their lies as soon as they feel guilty about it. Forgiving them is best because they often look for a change and are dedicated to working on it. 

Careless Liars

different types of liars

Among different types of liars, this one is very irritating because they lie insensibly. Such people are sloppy and are aware of their actions. Unlike occasional liars who are ready for a change and admit their lies, careless liars are unwilling to accept and change. So, it’s better to walk away because there is no sense of staying with them.

They will continue to lie without worrying about anything, so leave them.

Compulsive liars

different types of liars

Also known as pathological and habitual liars, compulsive liars are default liars. In other words, they hardly tell the truth or bend the truth because it makes them uncomfortable. 

Psychologists say that the habit of lying forms in childhood that turns out a child into a compulsive liar. They see no option other than hiding the truth because of the situation and environment surrounding them. But manipulation is not their habit, so they are less harmful. 

Unfortunately, breaking out of this habit is extremely difficult for them. So, you have to treat them tactfully. 

Sociopathic liars

different types of liars

In the list of different types of liars, sociopathic liars are the worst. Just like careless liars, even they are insensitive towards other feelings. They know nothing about shame and guilt. Also, their manipulative and cunning behavior makes their lying skills perfect. 

So, dealing with such people is difficult until and unless you have evidence to prove them wrong. 

Identifying such types of liars in the first place is better for a healthy friendship or relationship. 

But some liars are masters and hard to deal with unless you are very good at sticking to your guns. Now you know how to cope and identify the different types of liars. 

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