4 Ways Digital Fatigue Is Damaging Your Skin: Swipe, Scroll, And Chat At Your Own Risk!

Since the lockdown has been imposed, we’ve been averaging most of our time on just our phone and laptop. This has obviously caused some serious health problems over the past few months, including trouble focusing, constant headache, backache, watery eyes, eye irritation, and so on.

We know that almost everyone is complaining about being too stuck to their screens either because of more work pressure or lack of other activities to concentrate on. But the effects of blue lights do not end here. Constant exposure to screens can also lead to skin problems. Here’s how digital fatigue can damage your skin.

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Premature Ageing:

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Continuous exposure to blue lights has led to premature ageing like fine lines and wrinkles. Smartphone and laptop screens cause your skin to ageing as well. This is because it affects your skin’s collagen, which is the protein present in your skin.

Sleep Deprivation:

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The key factor of digital fatigue is sleep deprivation. It is because constant exposure to blue light can curb the melatonin, which reduces REM sleep or affects sleep patterns. All of this reduces alert come morning.

Increase Stress:

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Constant exposure to blue lights and lack of sleep, fresh air, and relaxation can increase our stress levels, causing irritation and inflammation in the skin. This is responsible for rosacea and acne.

Serious Degradation Of Skin’s Structure:

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Blue lights are more dangerous for the skin structure than UVA rays. It goes to the elastin and collagen, which are essential proteins for flawless skin. The skin loses both elasticity and firmness. This is even raised pigmentation.

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So keep your laptop and phone aside and go outside to take some fresh air!

A wonderful serenity has taken possession of my entire soul, like these sweet mornings of spring which I enjoy with my whole heart.

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