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NASA’s Next Mission: Exploring $Quadrillion 16 Psyche Asteroid 

16 Psyche Asteroid now become a target of exploration by NASA. 16 Psyche mission is proposed by NASA, and it is ready to launch its Psyche spacecraft in October this year. 

It’ll take four years for spacecraft to reach the 16 Psyche asteroid. 

A team of NASA scientists is excited to study this metal-rich asteroid. Which provides a lot of opportunities for astronauts. 

What is the 16 Psyche Asteroid?

16 Psyche Asteroid

Asteroid 16 Psyche was first discovered by Italian astronomer Annibale de Gasparis on March 17, 1852. The idea of the name came from the Greek goddess of the soul Psyche who was born mortal and married Eros (Cupid). 

A 140 miles diameter Psyche 16 asteroid find between Mars and Jupiter orbiting the sun at a distance ranging from 235 million to 309 million miles from the sun.  

It takes five earth years for 16 Psyche asteroids to complete one orbit around the sun. But it takes just four hours for the 16 Psyche asteroid to rotate on its axis. 

How were 16 Psyche Asteroids Built? 

16 Psyche Asteroid

16 Psyche asteroid might be a remnant of the core of the shattered planet. Due to a collision in space planet’s outer crust and mantle destroy what was left is the core, which is intact today. 

The astronomer who studied asteroids in infrared and visible wavelength and with radar suggests its shape is like a potato. 

What is NASA Psyche Mission? 

16 Psyche Asteroid

NASA Psyche’s mission is to do a detailed study of 16 Psyche asteroids.  

The main objective is to check whether the asteroid is a core of planetesimal (A small body that is theorized to have coalesced to form the earth and other planets during the formation of the solar system). 

NASA will launch the Psyche spacecraft in October this year via SpaceX Falcon Heavy Rocket. 

16 Psyche Asteroid

The Psyche spacecraft use solar electric propulsion for its launch and flyby through Mars. 

NASA Agency studies that asteroids with instruments such as multispectral cameras to gamma ray and neutron spectrometers and magnetometers. 

What is Inside the 16 Psyche Asteroid and How It’ll make US Citizens Rich?

16 Psyche Asteroid

The 16 Psyche Asteroid core build from iron and nickel. But this asteroid also contains precious metals such as Gold, Platinum, Iridium, and more. 

NASA Lindy Elkins-Tanton said the metal could be worth $10,000 quadrillion. It means each American citizen could get $ 30 billion.  

NASA Psyche Mission Open the Possibility of Space Mining 

16 Psyche Asteroid

NASA’s mission about 16 Psyche Asteroid opens the gateway for space mining because this asteroid contains precious metals. 

NASA will plan to conduct space mining on this metal-rich asteroid, but it is not an easy step it’ll take a lot of time. 

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