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People’s Princess ‘Diana’ And 13 Shocking Facts About Her

Who doesn’t know Princess Diana? It is one of those names that lived longer than in the history of any country.  She was more than a Princess of Wales, A royal family member, and wife of Prince Charles. A lady with a beautiful heart but a tragic fate, her life was always in the spotlight still many were and are unaware who really she was. Thus, we are putting light on some of the rarest and unknown facts about Princess Diana.

13 Facts About Princess Diana And Her Royal Family (Number 03 is A Must-Read)

princess diana royal family facts

You can call her a center of attraction, a style icon, a people’s princess, a trailblazer, a lady with a beautiful heart and a strong mind, indeed. Even now Lady Spencer makes buzz with her unheard stories and filmmakers take a keen interest in portraying her every now and then with things that are left untouched by the world.

#13. Not A Happy Childhood

princess diana facts

Princess Diana had 4 siblings (2 sisters, 2 brothers ), one of her brothers died before her birth. She was only 7 when her parents divorced. Diana defined their relationship as tumultuous and full of abuse.

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#12. Spent Childhood In Queen Elizabeth’s Home
princess diana facts

Very few know this fact about princess Diana that she was grown up in one of a house ‘ Sandringham’ owned by Queen Elizabeth II.

#11. Too Tall For Her Dreams But Too Down For Her People

facts about princess diana

Although there was nothing in the world she could achieve, her childhood wish remained unfulfilled. Diana wanted to see herself as a ballerina someday but her height was too much for the profession. She was 5 ft 8 inches (1.78m). This is more than the height of an average woman in the U.K.

But her height never hindered her down-to-earth nature.

#10. Not A School Girl
Princess Diana Royal Family Facts

Hard to believe but this fact about Princess Diana is true. She did not receive the full formal education and left her studies at the age of 16.

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#09. Worked For $5 Once

Princess Diana

Royal life began later for Lady Diana Frances Spencer, before that she was living an ordinary life and did many jobs too. Her first few job roles were kindergarten teacher, a nanny, and she even cleaned laundry. At that time she was paid a very less salary (only $5/hour) but Diana was the only royal bride with a paying job.

#08. Princes Diana Married Her Cousin

princess diana wedding

Did you know that Princess Diana got married to her cousin? It was none other than Princes Charles. Yes, the two were related as both came from the family of Tudor King Henry VII (King of England).

#07. Picked Most-Expensive Wedding Dress In The World

princess diana wedding dress

A wedding dress is a dream of every girl and Diana had the most beautiful one. The world still praises her 25-foot long train and gown sparkling with more than 10, 000 pearls. No other princess or queen has ever worn a gown with such a long train and the most expensive wedding dress in history.

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#06. Diana Did Not Vow To ‘Obey’ Charles


As a part of wedding tradition, the to-be wife vow to obey her husband while taking oath during the wedding ceremony. Diana refused to add the word ‘obey’ and replaced it with words she obeyed till the last breath. She vowed to love, comfort, and honor Prince Charles and promised to take care of him in all his good and bad days. Next royal princess- Kate and Meghan- walked on the footprints of Diana.

#05. Diana Intentionally Jumped From Staircase During Pregnancy

princess of wales

One of the few things you didn’t know about Princess Diana was that she threw herself intentionally from stairs while she was 12 weeks pregnant. She later gave birth to Prince William in the hospital. It was not a part of royal tradition. She also chose her kids’ names, decided which schools they will go and did every possible thing to give them a normal life.

#04. Coined The Term ‘Cleavage Bags’

Things You Didn't Know About Princess Diana

Indeed Princess Diana was and still is a style icon and many even Kate and Meghan take inspiration from her wardrobe. But one thing that made every girl follow her was cleavage bags which she used to keep closer to her chest while stepping out of the cars.

#03. Revenge Dress

princess diana revenge dressOne of the most surprising Princess Diana facts is this one. She wore an off-shoulder black silk gown to look like a million dollars for a dinner party at Serpentine Gallery, London. The dress was dubbed as revenge dress as it was designed 3 years ago but Diana refused to wear it as she found it uncomfortable.

She wore it the same day Prince Charles her husband confessed his affair with Camilla Parker.

#02. A Dress For Charity

An obvious thing about her was that she was a humble and sensible lady who always cares about others. A proof of this was when she conducted an auction to raise money for cancer and AIDS patients. Her gala outfit was sold at the highest price taking the total charity sum to $3.25 million.  A few months later she bid adieu to the world.

#01. De-Stigmatize HIV/AIDS

princess diana shaking hands with AIDs patients

She was not afraid to shake hands and hug AIDS and HIV patients, something which is still not seen as a welcoming move even now. Diana was the first royal person to support such patients.


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