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Why Did North Korea Ban Laughing For 10 Days?

North Korea is in news for arresting and death punishment to citizens for watching K-drama but the recent one is even weirder. Now, it came up with rules that restrict anyone from laughing. Yes, you heard it right. Nobody can laugh for at least 10 days from 17th December. Besides this, North Korean leader has banned several activities like drinking alcohol and shopping for groceries.

And the reason for banning laughing is….

kim jong II

17th December is the day when the former supreme leader of North Korea and father of Kim Jong-un died in 2011. It has been 10 years since that the day is set for the appropriate mood to mourn his demise. Several public events are held to display his life. This includes photography, art, exhibitions, and concert.

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According to Radio Free Asia, Government has also imposed a strict rule to discourage people from doing any activity that is not in accordance with the mourning period. That is why, common activities like groceries shopping, laughing, and birthday celebration are banned.

Those who violate the rules are placed behind the bar and considered criminals as per the reports. Even funeral rites are strictly banned which continues for 10 days starting with the death anniversary of Kim Jong II.

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