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What All You Receive When You’re Awarded A Nobel Prize!

In the wake of recent announcements of this years Nobel Prize recipients in different fields, we have come to share a rather peculiar piece of information with you today!
Have you ever wondered, what is the prize money of the Nobel Prize? Or what all comes with the prize? Or what carat gold is used in making the medal?

Nobel Prize
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Yes, we did too and that’s why we’ve brought to you all the exclusive information!

— The Nobel Prize is given out annually by Swedish and Norwegian Institutions in several categories like Chemistry, Physics, Literature, Economics, Medicine and Peace.

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— Since its outset in 1901, 590 Nobel Awards have been awarded to 935 Nobel Laureates between 1901-2018.

— The latest one is given out in Economics to Abhijit Banerjee, Esther Duflo and Michael Kremer, today.

Nobel Prize in Economics

— Upon felicitation of the award, the recipient gets 9 million (Swedish krona) or approximately ₹6,52,00,000.

Nobel Prize Money
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— There has been monotonous fluctuation in the amount of prize money in the past depending upon the funds.

— Apart from the prize money, the laureate gets a Nobel diploma that is uniquely created by Swedish and Norwegian artists and calligraphers, engraved with the citations and a Nobel medal carefully handmade with 18 carats of recycled gold.

Nobel Diploma
Via: Nobel Prize

— Earlier, the King of Sweden used to handout the diploma. Now the Chairman of the Nobel Committee does the honours. Also, each Nobel Medal was made using 23 carats of gold before 1980.

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