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Some Unrealistic Expectations That Bollywood Gave Us!

We Indians love “DRAMA” even if you think you don’t, you still secretly do!

And from that drama comes our love for Bollywood movies which are dramatic, cheesy, full of Dance numbers and sometimes real-life issues.

We have watched these movies over and over again growing up from teens to adulthood, these movies have left a lasting effect on our brain and even gave us some unrealistic expectations.

Here are how Bollywood ruined your real-life *sighs*

1. Palat! Palat! Palat!

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How do you know if a guy or a girl is into you? Well, it’s quite easy as Shahrukh Khan did in “Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge”, just say “Palat” (turn back) three times and if they do turn back then they love you. 

Well, in real life no one will and even if they do, it’ll be to give you an angry stare for acting like a weirdo.

2. College is all about hooking up, partying and looking good

Student Of The Year
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Okay! These are the worst expectations. Watching movies like the ‘Student Of The Year’ and ‘Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham’, we all were so excited about college. After all we thought we will end up with fashionable clothes, good looking guys/girls and party all day long but instead, we got 75% mandatory attendance, non-existent love life, and never-ending assignments. *Cries internally*.

3. Trips just happen out of nowhere

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In Bollywood movies, the characters suddenly decide to take a life-changing trip to the other part of the world like it’s a normal thing. They don’t have to worry about their passports, the money or the planning part at all. Their friends are always ready to go on a trip. Well, in real life we have deadlines, a real job and not every friend of ours is free for a trip and even if everything goes right, it isn’t such a life-changing experience. *Canceling the Goa trip for the third time*.

4. Find the love of your life simply by chasing a train

Kareena Kapoor
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You don’t need dating apps or bars to find the love of your life all you need to do is just be late for your train and your hero will help you catch it and you’ll know he’s the one. Hold on! Don’t be late! Because in reality, you’ll probably end up missing the train or someone will just pull the emergency brakes and you’ll have to pay.

5. Rain is romantic!

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Rain is the time when Bollywood people kiss in their shared umbrellas and the crowd breaks into a synchronized dance! Well, have you ever tried sharing an umbrella with someone? You both will end up wet, irritated, soggy and will probably end up fighting for space under it.

As far as the dance is concerned trust me don’t start dancing in the rain because people won’t join in, they’ll consider you crazy!

Even when we know these expectations doesn’t make much sense in real life, we still love Bollywood just as much as we love drama!

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