Lip-Smacking Indian Delicacies You Must Make This Diwali

Diwali is the festival of lights and positivity that marks the triumph of good over evil. The celebration begins with Navratri and ends with Deepavali or Diwali. People buy new clothes, make delicious dishes and decorate their houses.

As we all know food adds more value to any festival celebrated in any region. There are many traditional dishes which people prepare at their home. The festivals are the source of togetherness where families gather and celebrate and make new memories.

Food makes any occasion more special as you come up with innovative dishes and people eat it with excitement.

Here are some dishes which can be prepared and stored since the Diwali season is approaching. Now make your house guest friendly with these snacks which are loved and easy to make.

1. Chiwda

Via: Dainik Aikya

The light and easy to cook Indian snack are low in calories especially when in Diwali everything is too heavy to digest. The traditionally made chiwda is prepared from rice flakes/ Poha and some peanuts are added with Indian spices. The dish is quite fulfilling when you are a bit hungry. You can prepare it and serve your guest.

To know the full recipe you can follow this link:

2. Chana Dal Namkeen

Crispy Chana Daal
Via: Muktisahay.Blogspot

This is again a very flavourful tea time snack. The super quick and easy to cook the dish is made from Chana daal aka split chickpeas. The dish is crunchy, tossed with some Indian spices to season them and can be stored for a long time. You can serve your guest with this crunchy and yummy dish which can be prepared in bulk and stored for over 2 months.

To know the full recipe you can follow this link:

3. Butter Murukku

Via: Sanjha Chulha

It is a simple yet delicious snack which you can easily make at home. The crunchy snack is an addictive dish which everyone will love. Made from rice flour-butter gram flour and spices and fried in medium flame, butter murukku is just something you can’t say no to.

To know the full recipe you can follow this link:

4. Gujiya/Karanji

Via: Times Now

This heavenly delicious sweet dish, which has a covering and inside filled with a savoury filling of mawa and coconut. The dish is a typical dish made on Diwali festival. The gujiya has a particular shape and you need to put the filling inside the mould to get that. This is a traditional dish of utmost importance in festivals.

To know the full recipe you can follow this link:

5. Bakarwadi 

Via: The Flaming Vegan

The dish is a sweet, spicy and tangy recipe. Western India’s popular snack is a spiral-shaped quick eatable. You can make and store it for a quite long time. Guests will love this dish as it is a very addictive dish. You can make it crisp and golden brown. This is one dish which is loved by kids and adults both.

To know the full recipe you can follow this link:

This Diwali try these yummy dishes and enjoy the festival of Lights and Flavour!


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