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Wanna Make Your Lipstick Kiss-Proof This Valentines Day? Here’s How

Valentine’s day is only a few hours away! From romantic gifts to erotic nights, V-day is always special and unforgettable while you may have picked the most suitable outfit for the day, perfect pair of sandals, and makeup to make your beau say, Wow! 

The makeup you apply plays a significant role in making you look sensual and vibrant. And what can be better than applying a red lipstick for Valentine’s day date? While you may know how to apply lip colors on your lips, however, you still need to be quite careful that it does not quickly get fades and stay on your lip for a long time. 

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Are you kiss-ready this valentines day? To ensure you are all set to kiss for the special day without getting your lip color rubbed off or smudged, we bring you the best hacks that will absolutely make your lip color long-lasting.

Hacks to make your lipstick stay longer:

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1- Before you apply any lip shade, ensure you hydrate and exfoliate your lips well to create a clean and smooth base.

2- After creating a smooth base, apply a lip balm on your lips. 

3- Before applying lipstick, make sure to use a lip liner to outline the lips. It will make your lipstick stay for a long time.  

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4- Blot the lipstick. You can use a tissue or a cloth between your lips and put light pressure. After that, apply some powder on it with the use of a brush and smoothly dust it on your cloth/tissue. 

Hope, now you are Kiss-ready for this Valentine’s day? Kiss Your partner without bothering about smudged lipstick. You Go, girl!

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