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Tulsi Plant for Home as per Vastu Shastra

Tulsi Plant has lot of sacred importance and pious significance. Hindus place a lot of emphasis on worshiping Tulsi plants and are devoted to it. According to Vastu, placing tulsi plant in the right direction can increase the positive energy and destroy the occurrence of negative energy. In this post, we will cover important vastu tips regarding the placement of tulsi plant at home.

Tulsi plant placement at home as per Vastu

The correct direction

North and northeast direction are considered the most auspicious for planting tulsi. Vastu suggests that planting Tulsi in these directions has enormous benefits including bringing positivity and good vibes for home and harmonize the whole atmosphere. It is not advisable to plant tulsi in the southeast direction as it contains the element of fire. Hence, make sure to plant tulsi in the north and northeast direction.

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tulsi plant benefits

Regular care and maintenance

One must properly care for the tulsi plant at home. Vastu has described that tulsi plant should be maintained and watered at regular intervals. It must not be subjected to withering as it may increase the flow of negative energy in the house. In addition, regular care and maintenance of the tulsi plant can also improve air quality and provide a source of fresh herbs for cooking or medicinal purposes. It is a sacred plant in Hinduism and is believed to bring good luck and prosperity to the household.

The area around the plant must be hygienic

Make sure that the area around the tulsi plant is neat, clean and clutter-free. Avoid keeping storage items around the tulsi plant as it can create bad luck and is inauspicious. Additionally, regular cleaning and disinfecting of the area around the plant can prevent the growth of harmful bacteria and ensure a healthy environment for the plant to thrive.

tulsi plant as per vastu

Always plant it in a pot

It is suggested that Tulsi plant must always be planted in a pot for maximum benefits. Avoid planting it in the ground. This is because planting Tulsi in a pot allows for better control of soil quality, drainage, and exposure to sunlight. Additionally, it makes it easier to move the plant indoors during colder months or extreme weather conditions.

tulsi plant pot

Place it on a pedestal

Make sure to keep the tulsi plant on a higher platform such as a large window, or a pot kept on a higher position. This will not only give it a better view but also protect it from pets and small children who might accidentally damage it. Additionally, placing the plant on a pedestal can also enhance its aesthetic appeal and make it a focal point in the room.

Benefits of placing Tulsi plant at home

  • Tulsi plant has numerous benefits. It works like an ayurvedic medicine and helps to fight the deadly diseases like cancer, heart disease and so on. Additionally, it also helps to purify the air and promotes positivity in the surroundings, making it an ideal plant to have at home.
  • It is also useful for bacterial and throat infections and is essential for keeping infections out of the body. Additionally, placing a Tulsi plant at home can also help to purify the air and reduce stress levels, making it a great addition to any household.
  • It is good for your respiratory system and increase the flow of oxygen in the body.
  • It has a lot of positive vibes and helps in maintain a harmonious and optimistic atmosphere at home.
  • Tulsi is a sacred plant that is worshipped by large number of Indians. Keeping it in home has number of advantages of growing spiritually, advance meditation and practising sadhna. As per Vastu shastra, it is considered the most pious plant for maintaining peace and prosperity in the family.

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