Signs You Are In A Toxic Relationship!

Relationships are beautiful, especially the honeymoon phase of any relationship when you so high on love, you think it’s going to last.
But no matter how good your partner is or how mentally strong you are, you can still find yourself in a toxic relationship at some point.

Toxic relationships can mentally and physically damage you and rob you of your self worth and confidence.

Here are a few signs that indicate you may be in a toxic relationship and you need to get out!

It’s Always You Making The Effort

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Making efforts to keep your partner happy isn’t wrong. We all try our best to make our partners feel that they are important and loved. But, if it’s only you who is making all the effort and if you never find yourself in the receiving end, then it becomes very toxic for you as you don’t feel cared for at all.

No Privacy

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We share a lot of things with our partners, whether it’s our passwords or our deepest darkest insecurities. But what if your partner miss uses them and keep tabs on you. He/she keeps checking your phone and constantly want to know your whereabouts. This is a major red flag and shouldn’t be ignored.

They Keep A Scorecard For Your Mistakes

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We all make mistakes and it’s human to make them. They help you grow and learn but making mistakes doesn’t mean that you should be constantly reminded of them every time you and your partner fight. Life is already complicated you don’t need your partner to keep scores for such petty things.

Playing The Victim Card

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Every time you call them out on their mistakes or catch them red-handed, they play the victim card and blame the other person for their mistakes. Even when you need their support they have excuses like oh I’m stressed or I need you more right now.
Don’t fall for this behavior you shouldn’t feel unsupported in a relationship.

They Are Only Interested In Physical Intimacy

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Intimacy is an important part of any relationship but intimacy does not mean what happens inside your bedroom. Emotional intimacy is crucial too. If your partner only makes efforts to increase your physical intimacy then it’s time you move on!

They Criticize You

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When we are close to someone, we become comfortable and our flaws are exposed. Sometimes our flaws can overwhelm our partners and it’s okay if they express their disagreement or discomfort. But using your flaws to belittle you is never okay!

You Always Think Before You Act

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Your partner gets offended because of little things and starts arguing in front of people, humiliating you. So, now you think before saying anything or doing things you loved only to avoid the arguments. You can’t be your self anymore.

If you see these signs then ask yourself what’s the point of being in a relationship that hinders your growth and demolishes your self-respect and confidence. I know it’s not going to be easy but you should learn to love yourself enough to choose yourself above toxicity.

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