Top Tourist Attractions In USA For A Much-Needed Vacation

The States has been a mind-boggling country when it comes to traveling. With so many classic cities and places to spend your evenings at, it is really a hard task to select what to keep on the plate for the trip. Top tourist attractions in the USA are full of liveliness and offer the best of experiences.

Although you can plan the visit according to your interests, the vast choice of exploration keeps one startled to make a choice.

Tourist Attractions In USA

On one end, where New York lights and Washington D. C.’s classic design keep one mesmerized. On the other hand, one cannot take one’s eyes off the beautiful scenarios in the cities of San Francisco and Los Angeles.

And how can one forget Las Vegas, the famous hotspot of tourist destinations in the US? From the beaches of Waikiki to the Hawaiian Islands, this county is full of life.

Our list has some of the most wonderful and best places to visit in the USA. You will love to visit these spots in the State.

Most Popular Tourist Attractions In The USA 

1. The City of Charism: New York

top tourist destinations in usa

If you are someone who is going to visit New York for the first time, it’s going to be a movie set experience. From walking down the street lanes to having a stop by the restaurants, everything is just perfect.

The only thing you will like about this city is everything. From people, food, places to music taste, artists, markets, and best tourist attractions in the USA, everything has its own wow effect.

Main Attractions:

While in New York, the main tourist attractions include:

  • The Statue of Liberty
  • Empire State Building
  • Rockefeller Plaza
  • Brooklyn Bridge
  • Central Park
  • Times Square

There are many historical museums and locations to delve deep into the history of the city. You can stop by any of these locations in the broad daylight and enjoy the aura of the place. All the places are nearby to each other and thus you can also cover most of them on foot.

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famous places in usa

The busy streets of New York have much to offer if you love to collect souvenirs while traveling.

The 5th Avenue streets have a lot to offer for shopping if you are a brand lover. The second best shopping point is Broadway. It has many boutiques and stores to shop from and have a great experience while shopping.

  • The Queen Central Mall,
  • Grand Central Terminal, and
  • Manhattan Mall

These are forever loved places to shop from when in York.


famous places in usa

Grand Central Terminal is the best place to visit the USA to try the most popular cuisines and street food in New York. From all sorts of sweets, bakery to main course meals, Terminal has a vast variety to choose from to satiate your hunger.

There are many Flea markets and Outlet markets too in the city to get fresh produce from in the mornings.

2. The Grand Canyon:-

famous places in usa

If you are in States, this tourist spot should be in the topmost position. A beautiful scenic destination indeed. The place keeps you mesmerized into its natural beauty till where the eyes can see at and around the canyon walls.

The depth and endless horizons of this beautiful place are a great place to spend your evenings in the USA.

How To Reach

The visit to Canyon is a one-day trip from Las Vegas and through some smaller cities situated in the area. It can also be done through Williams, Arizona, and surrounding states. The trip is a memorable one.


The best time to visit the Grand Canyon is early morning hours if you travel to the USA in the spring season. While in summers after 10 in the morning is not a great time to visit this scenic place.

You can visit the South rim of Grand Canyon any time of the year but the North rim can be visited only till October as in winters the roads are covered in snow.

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The normal cost for the ticket is $30 per head. The Skywalking tickets charge up to $20 and the best part of the place is the South Rim.

You can save some bucks by camping at this beautiful place and it would also enrich your experience at the Canyon.

3. The Beaches Of Waikiki:

cool places to visit in the us

What is a more enthralling experience than basking in the sun on a trip to the States? The beaches of Waikiki are one of the famous tourist attractions in the USA. The beauty around this tropical island in the Pacific Ocean is unmatchable and astounding.

Situated on the Hawaiian island of Oahu, Waikiki is a small part of Honolulu, famous for its golden beaches and scenic hotel views, and retail outlets.

How To Reach

There are many roadway services through which you can reach Waikiki. From Airport there is a bus every 20 minutes that takes around an hour to reach this destination.

You can also choose from other options like Car rental services, Taxis and Airways as well.


The most suitable time to experience the beauty of the Waikiki beaches is between the middle of April to early weeks of June. The beaches are less crowded and the markets are less busier during this time of the year.


cool places to visit in the us

The best markets to visit when in Waikiki are mentioned as under:-

  • Ohana Hale market
  • Art on the Zoo Fence, Flea, and Street markets
  • Ohana Stadium Swap Meet & Marketplace

These markets have an abundance of all kinds of fresh produce and other varieties to shop from and select the best souvenirs to take away from home.

From surfing to swimming, experience the scenic beauty with peace in Waikiki. After you are done with the beach, dine out at the most popular places in the evening and shop at the various retail outlets nearby. When at Waikiki, flow with the wind and enjoy.

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4. Washington D. C. :-

tourist attractions in usa

Famous for its classic and unique designs, the city of Washington and the US capital has many important landmarks to visit and explore. The place is famous for the presidential residence that is the White House to Capitol Building and historical museums. The city has more to offer to history lovers and curious minds.

How To Reach:-

The easiest and the quickest way to reach Washington D. C. is through airways. Then for the city tour, you can roam around in the metros visiting the main tourist attractions in the US. MetroBus, Metro rail, and DC Circulator are the three options you can choose from to reach this classic city of the States.


The best time to visit the city is during the Cherry Blossom event when the Cherry trees are blowing with colors and giving a picturesque look to the city’s beauty. The city looks extremely beautiful after the winters and during the time of fall. Everything seems to have its own effect.

Tourist Attractions In USA For Shopaholics:-

  1. The Violet Boutique:

places to visit in usa

The only place where you can satisfy all your fashion desires and wishes. The Violet Boutique is one of the most famous shops in the D. C. to shop something exclusive and fashionable.

Location: 3289 M St. NW, Washington, D.C.

What To Buy: Dresses, trendy tops, pants, and pretty bags

2. Eastern Market:

famous places in usa

The market to shop all the accessories, varieties available in all sorts of stuff and shopping materials. Established in the year 1983 this market is a must-visit flea market to shop all the vintage stuff including anything to everything.

Location: 225 7th St. SE, Washington, D.C.

What To Buy: Handcrafted jewelry, handcrafted artifacts, collectibles, vintage products, antiques

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3. CityCentre DC

fmaous places in usa

One of the topmost places to visit in the USA is the City Centre DC. It is a shopping center to shop all the retail brand stuff, enjoy and relish the country food at various food courts in the center of city lights. From skincare products to various beauty brands, everything is available to shop from at this place.

Location: 825 10th St NW, Washington, D.C.

What To Buy: Clothes, accessories, skin care products, and beauty tools from the high-end brands

The best tourist attractions in USA are infinite. But with these on the list, your trip will surely be a memorable one forever.

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