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Best Beaches Around The World You Must See

If long walks, clear sky, sandy feet and tanned skin gives you joy then you are totally a beach person. Beaches make you feel connected, you played during your childhood days running on the sandy shores. They make you remember the romantic long walk you took with your beloved. You also have made memories of playing with your children in the sand making castles.

sunset beach
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Beaches are for all and they can never be boring. Lying comfortably on the beach wearing your comfy clothes, is doing a lot while doing nothing. The pleasant beach weather with all the amazing kinds of seafood and sea shacks is just something you want for a refreshing vacation.

The world has plenty of beaches that you can visit but here are specially shortlisted ones that you must visit.

Takedown the notes on some of the amazing beaches in the world and plan a trip soon.

1.  Navagio Beach, Zakynthos, Greece

Navagio beach
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The astounding beach is on the Greek land in Zakynthos. It is also known as the Shipwreck beach due to it’s history. It was believed that a Panagiotis named shipwrecked over here which was a smuggler’s ship. You can reach the stunning beauty but boat where you will witness the white sand beach with pristine water.

The surreal beauty is captivating and soul catching. You can have a view of the beach by standing on high cliffs and be happy on a vacation.

2. Mosquito Bay – Vieques Puerto Rico

Mosquito Bay
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Mosquito Bay is one of the amazing beaches you find in Vieques. It is located on the southern part of the Vieques, one of the islands of Puerto Rico. The beautiful beach is often termed as ‘magical’ as it produces a bright blue ray in the water. The clearwater beach has organisms named Pyrodinium bahamenseDinoflagellates (dinos).

These dinos when they are shaken or come in contact with other organisms, they produce a magical blue colour. The popular beach is worth seeing on a “New Moon Phase”. The bright light of the moon and the natural organisms make this beach stand out from the other popular beaches.

3. The Bahamas

Bahamas Beach
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“Let’s Go Bahamas” phrase turns on the creative energy and stimulates the urge to visit the beautiful beaches around you. The Bahamas is one of the top beaches in the world with nice view and clear water around. There are more than 700 spots that surround the giant Bahamas making huge islands. Gold Rock Beach is one of the beaches which is protected within the Lucayan National Park.

The sound of waves, palm beaches and nice view make it the best option to choose for your family vacation.  They are one of the clearest beaches in the world with a surreal view and adventure activities like snorkelling or swimming in the Pink sand beach in Harbour Island.

4. Bondi Beach, Sydney, Australia

bondi beach
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Bondi beach fulfils all the fun quotient the tourist desires in every possible way. If you want to take a long romantic walk across the shore then just start walk along the coastline from Bondi to Coogee. If you want to relish your taste buds with the local food, there are many options which serve lip-smacking food.

You can also satisfy the spirit animal in you by doing adventure sports and activities as there are many schools that teach you how to surf. You can have one of the best beach vacations on the Bondi beach.

5. Bathsheba Beach, Barbados

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Bathsheba Beach is a famous beach among photographers and surfers. The foamy water is also known as ‘Soup Bowl’ is the reason why the place holds many International Surfing Competitions on a regular basis. The different rocks and foamy water makes it difficult and unsafe to swim.

However, surfing is a good option for all adventure lovers coming here. One of the most amazing beaches in the world, Bathsheba Beach is a good picnic spot with shacks to grab your beverages from around. Visit this picturesque beach for the ultimate fun with family and friends.

6. Koh Phi Phi, Thailand

Koh Phi Phi
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Thailand is a land of excitement and fun. The days are equally happening as the nights. However, one thing that makes Thailand stand out is its amazing beaches. The beach is 200 m long with silky soft white sand and crystal clear water. Many popular movies have been shot on this island which added to the visitors coming to this famous beach of Thailand.

7. Spiaggia Grande – Positano Italy

Spiaggia grande
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Among the other famous beaches in Italy, Spiaggia Grande is a beach in the Positano. The beach is the centre for various sports and activities. It is a beach known since the ancient times Spiaggia Beach means ‘Grand Beach’. The whole of Positano is depicts Italian art and the natural beauty is just mesmerizing.

The old medieval period that showcases the renaissance makes this place historically important as well. The vast green stretches that go long for few miles make the beach one of the Most Famous Beaches in the World.

8. The Baths – British Virgin Islands

The Baths
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Among the most beautiful beaches in the Caribbean sea, The Baths have questionably earned the title of being the most beautiful beach. The Baths are the third-largest British Islands in the Caribbean that is located on ‘Virgin Gorda’. The Baths is an ideal spot to have a safe and enjoyable vacation.

You can explore the option of snorkelling or can swim in the water as well. The geological landscape has lush greenery surrounding it with rock pools on the edges of the shore. The main beach extends to the Devil’s Bay which can be accessed by a long walk by the shore. The different rocks and underwater caves make it the most unusual yet one of the amazing beaches to spend time on.

9. Santa Monica Beach, California

Santa monica
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Santa Monica Beach is one of the best beaches in Los Angeles. The rare options of beaches in California, Santa Monica located in the Southern part of California is one of the major tourist attractions. The 3.5 miles long stretches to walk on the coastline with clean and soft sand makes the beach the most favourite place to go on a vacation.

The beach has two piers- the north and the south pier. The north pier is the side which has bridges and huge walkaways that make your way to the beach along the pacific coast highway. There are also swings and rides to keep you engaged.

10. South Beach Miami, Florida

South Miami Beach
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Most beautiful beaches in the US, South Beach in Miami Florida is one of the most famous beaches in the US. The beach has got lined everything for you. Starting from the beachside cuisine to the picturesque landscape of palm trees and pristine water. The mesmerizing view during the sunset is worth gazing at. It also has a crazy nightlife with bars and clubs in the vicinity.

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