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Ten Similarities Between Avengers And Game Of Thrones

With Avengers Endgame returning with special post-credit scenes with a limited release time the fans are excited once again. It was speculated that the release was done keeping in mind the record which avatar had held for the longest time. But all this also started a debate on how Avengers and Game of Thrones were inspired and at times similar to each other.

So here are ten times they both reminded us of each other.

1.Villian whose presence was equivalent to death: Thanos was looking for balance while the Night king wanted to destroy the human race to bring some kind of new order. Death was their way to get that and some great sacrifice had to be made with an epic faceoff with a supervillain.

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2. Tragic figures: Both Daenerys Targaryen and Erik Killmonger were both broken by their past wanting to fix an unfair world but become the sufferer of their own rage.

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3. A boy who lost his parents: Both Jon snow and captain America lost their parents at a very young age, serve at a military order. Comeback to life after death and act as a moral center of their world.

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4.Warrior with a metal or iron hand: They both were marvelous warriors who were previously known for their bravery but losing something which later changes them both morally and physically and brings about a character change in them.

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5. Cold legacy obsessed father: Both Tony Stark and Tyrion Lannister have fathers who are often seen giving their children abandonment issues. Constantly expect their children to work towards greater things.

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6. People dying in a manner that looks like dissolving into tiny pieces: The death scenes of the people killed by Thanos and dragon glass takes place reminding similar death where people turn into ashes.

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7.Clever and cunning siblings who have little regard for others: Cersei Lannister and Loki sidelined by their fathers. They both progress towards power-lust and both die a tragic death.

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8. Physical disability leading to the discovery of new higher powers: Bran and Doctor Strange both were involved in the accidents which later lead them to unlock greater mental power.

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9. Heroes from across coming together to fight together: Avengers and Game of Thrones both are multi-protagonist theme-based stories. Known for there special effects and epic battle scenes. Magic is also a central theme that enters the society which seems surprised by its presence at first.

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10.The sacrifice of the daughter for the bigger cause: Thanos sacrificing Gamora for soul stone and Stannis Baratheon burning Shireen Baratheon has again reminded us of striking similarities between the two fathers who look for a reward which will lead them to power.

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In an interview given to Bullseye, R.R.MARTIN said that indeed he was influenced by the marvel comics and loved how all the characters had flaws and temper. All bad characters had something good and good one had something bad.

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Iron man came in 2008 and Game of Thrones started in 2011 and it was 2019 when both the sagas ended one being highly praised and other being highly criticized. Marvel studio has already released Spiderman Far from Home while Game of Thrones has picked up its very own spinoff.

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