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Did A Manhole In Chembur Just Swallowed A Bike ? Check Out The Video


Mumbai is facing heavy rains and the conditions are getting worse day by day. We are aware of the deteriorating road conditions in Mumbai as several videos have gone viral questioning the BMC. A similar incident took place which has made people question BMC once again.

Mumbai rains
Via: The Statesman

Since the past several days, Mumbai and many other parts of India are experiencing heavy rainfall. In Chembur, an incident reported where a bike got immersed in the manhole leading the people to question the maintenance of the roads.

Via: Evening Standard

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A video got viral where people are trying to take out the bike from the manhole.

Take a look at the video:

Twitter slammed the BMC and many other authorities for the prevailing conditions in the city. Take a look at the slashing tweets.

Who is to be blamed for any loss when nobody is ready to take any responsibilities is the question that rises. What are your views on this negligence?