Telangana’s Man Offers Gold Kite To Lord Venkateshwara

The sky would be filled with colorful kites of different shapes, sizes, and themes. Gujarat’s kite market is all set with unique kites such as covid themes, Narendra Modi kites, celebrity kites, and more.

But, a man from Telangana has came up with an expensive kite on this auspicious day. However, nobody would be lucky enough to fly high that unique kite. Read below to know full story.

Telangana Man Crafts Unique Kite Ahead Uttarayan

gold kite
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Anand Reddy, a kite maker from Telangana has created a kite that weighs 2.58 grams. It’s color and size would garnered everyone attention.

The kite is covered in gold or silver and will be offered to the Lord Venkateshwara on the occasion. And not just kite, the Manjha is also made of gold.

Apart from kite and manjha, Anand has also crafted a face mask out of silver whose size is small than usual. Both kite and mask are attractive but not available for buyers.

This is not the first time kite makers have gone too far in terms of creativity.  A family from Surat has created an eye-catching kite and it’s not made of paper or gold.

Paperless Kite With Special Message

5 foot wheat kite
via: india

5- kg of wheat is used to make this kite art and its 5 foot big. Though this kite art, the family urges everyone to wear masks and maintain social distance.

Every year on Makar Sankranti kite competitions are held across Gujarat and Rajasthan. However, covid-19 has put restrictions on the festival but government has allowed kite flying from the premises.

Only kite flying at public places is banned to prevent large gatherings. So, follow the guidelines and keep everyone safe.

Happy Makar Sankranti!!!



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