Alcohol-related disorders in life, related anxiety in childhood?


A recent study published showed a link between anxiety during childhood and the teenage to alcohol use disorders later in life.

The study which was published in the Journal of Addiction observed the result and the publishing of studies which were published earlier.

The researchers also found a few shreds of evidence regarding both facets of life.

About 43 percent of links were positive which means that the anxiety factor was connected with a higher likelihood of alcohol use disorders.

Nevertheless, 11 percent of associations were not positive, with anxiety being linked with a decreased likelihood of later alcohol use disorders.

Around 30 percent of associations were doubtful and 15 percent were uninspiring based on the information reported.

The researchers observed that it is necessary to establish that anxious people drink more alcohol and develop alcohol use disorders.

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The lead author, Maddy Dyer said, “The evidence from prospective cohort studies is suggestive but not conclusive of a positive association between anxiety during childhood and adolescence and subsequent alcohol use disorder. Associations of anxiety with later drinking frequency or quantity and binge drinking were inconsistent.

Further research is needed to understand why there are differences in associations for consumption levels versus problematic use, and to determine which individuals with anxiety develop alcohol problems.”

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