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Supreme Court Shrug off Bilkis Bano’s Review Petition!!

Bilkis Bano survived a gut-churning commotion during the Godhra Kand in 2002. She was brutally raped by the convicts and after that, a mob killed 14 members of her family including her three-year-old daughter.

Bilkis Bano Redemption Against Supreme Court

Bilkis has reportedly been trying to revolt against the Gujrat government since May 2022 over their decision to remit the 11 convicts from the Bano rape case under the 1992 remission policy under which the culprit can apply for mercy and get released from prison.

Bilkis Bano
IBTimes India

Bano raised concern over the fact that this case’s convicts should not be freed under any law. However, All 11 convicts were released from jail this year in August. This tends to trigger the victim Bilkis as would never forgive the victims for their ruthless audacity.

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However, the honorable Supreme Court has dismissed Bilkis’s plea over a petition filed against the premature remission of convicts by the Gujrat government. The authority decided to adjourn the case on December 13 and informed Bilkis via way of a letter on December 16. Moreover, no official letter has been passed until now over the decision of the Supreme Court.

Supreme court has forwarded the hearing on Bilkis case to be held post-Christmas eve. The authority has not provided any particular date for the hearing.

Root Cause of Bilkis Bano’s Concern

Bilkis Bano
Getty Images

The incident was adjourned under a plea by one of the convicts “Radheshyam Bhagwandas Shah” who applied for remission under the ‘1992 remission policy‘ on May 13. The convict was later released by mercy under the inspection of the Gujrat government. He pled to guilty after being in jail for 15 years since January 2008.

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All 11 convicts were sentenced to life imprisonment in the special CBI court in Mumbai. They were later released under the Gujrat Government’s remission policy, suspecting the convicts have served 15 years of imprisonment.

Bilkis was disgusted over the approval saying the decision was made with “non-application of mind.” She further said that the language of the law was unambiguous and the remission rule should consider the convict’s appeal with more perspicacity.

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