Stress Feels Good! Learn About These Good Stress Examples

Did you ever hear somebody saying that being stressed feels good? Of course, NO because stress is negative, but there are some good stress examples to realize its positive impacts. Fear has more meaning in our life rather than being a trouble-causing element. How?

What Is Stress?

good stress examples

Stress is nothing but a sudden burst of energy that helps you in meeting day-to-day challenges. It motivates and helps in doing tasks more efficiently. Also, good stress is a memory booster. It causes a fight or flight response in an individual, thus working as a warning system.

So, if you are not feeling stress about your work, then you are not working efficiently. But as we know, stress is bad for health; we try to avoid it as much as we can. In the process, we don’t even focus on good stress examples.

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Good Stress Or Eustress

good stress examples

Eustress is a term for good stress that produces a feeling of satisfaction, fulfilment, and excitement in an individual. It turns you confident as well. Also, it helps you grow emotionally, physically, and psychologically. 

Here are a few examples of bringing eustress in your life.

At Work

good stress examples

Taking a new project is a great way to challenge your skills. Furthermore, it helps you hone the existing capabilities. However, set a realistic deadline to achieve the target and feel good stress. Contrary to it, setting an unrealistic deadline or working with annoying colleagues can soon turn eustress into bad stress. 

Personal Goals

good stress examples

Another great way to feel good stress is to set a goal out of interest. You can set a physical goal or learn a new language or music. At first, when you are unable to achieve the goal, your brain will continuously put you in a stressful situation.

Out of this, you will put more efforts to meet the goal. Small wins while achieving personal goals, will build self-efficacy and make you more confident than before. 


good stress examples

Exploring a new city with a different culture and language is also stressful. But travelling is one of an excellent way to introduce positive stress in your life. It also allows you to immerse yourself in a new culture, place, and food. This kind of stress affects your mind positively. 

Turn Bad Into Good

good stress examples

Although not all kinds of bad stress can be turned into good, by changing the perception, you can become a few of them. The key is not to take it as a threat because our brain responds differently to a warning. 

Seeking it as a challenge will work in turning bad stress into good. It will become a threat to a feeling of excitement. So, how to bring this shift. Here are the ways:

  • First focus on the resources that will help you deal with the situation
  • Second, look out for the potential benefits
  • Third, think of your strengths and keep a positive mindset

By following these ways, you will start looking at threats as a challenge.  The more you practice, the more good stress you will experience. 

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