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Here’s How To Clean Your Aura For Good Vibes

Are you falling ill quite often and frustrated most of the time? If yes, then maybe you should consider cleaning your aura. While some people underestimated the power of cleansing, it proves beneficial for many. When we talk about aura, it’s just like the energy that covers your body. Your aura can face stress when you change energies with other people, which is why it is essential to clean your aura from time to time. It is affected by the places you visit or the people you interact with. 

Since every day, you interact with hundreds of people, and it’s common for your aura to get weak. As the results in feeling anxious, stressed, lethargic, irritated, and much more. So, to prevent yourself from these feelings, it’s important to clean your energy fields. Now, you are amazed to know that you also can clean your aura at home. Lets a look at how?

Aura Cleansing Bath:


You did not think about why you feel calm and relaxed after bathing. There’s a valid reason why you feel calm and relaxed. As we talk about aura cleansing, it’s a ritualistic bath, which uses essential oils, herbs, and salts to clean your aura. For taking an aura cleansing bath, you need to fill the bathtub, add 1 tablespoon of sea salt, and 10-11 drops of essential oils. Take a bath there for at least 15 minutes and assume that all the negativity and bad things are cleaning away with the water. 


This practice is one of the best and oldest aura cleansing practices and is done with sage. A sage is the burning part of the herbs, and the smoke coming from it is used to cleanse your aura. You can use any of the herbs, including thyme, sage, and cedar, to cleanse your energy. To do this, burn the bunch of herbs and pass the smoke gently over each part of your body. 



Before starting this aura cleansing practice, wash and dry your hands. You should also find a peaceful place and visualize your energy fields. For this, shut your eyes and start cleaning the surface around you with your hands. Begin with the forehead, clean the area of your sitting, and go down to the toes. After you are completed the cleaning, wash your hands. 

Positive Affirmations:

In this practice, shut your eyes and start chanting good statements as per your comfort. Repeat them like 100 times or more as you want until you realize the affirmations vibrating in your body. It would be best to do this daily to improve and clean your aura. 

To conclude, these are the best to clean your aura. So, choose one that suits you and live a healthy and happy life. 

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