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What Is The Real Name Of Sonia Gandhi? Know The Untold Story Behind It

We all know Sonia Gandhi as a Member of Lok Sabha, President of INC and a wife of former Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi. But do you know about Sonia Gandhi past life, her background, or her real name? 

Here we mentioned all the details about her

Sonia Gandhi Real Name: Early Life

Antonia Maino
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The real name of Sonia Gandhi was Antonia Maino. She was born on 9 December 1946 in a village called Lusiana in Italy. Her father Stefano Maino had established a small construction business in Orbassano. She was grown up with two siblings Nadia and Anoushka in a traditional Roman Catholic Christian family.

Sonia received her formal education from a local Catholic school. After schooling, she went to study English at the Bell Education Trust, Cambridge intending to become an Air Hostess. For an extra income, she started working as a waitress in a Varsity Restaurant, where she met Rajiv Gandhi while he was pursuing engineering at Trinity College.

The couple got married in 1968, and Antonia became Sonia Gandhi as a daughter-in-law of the then Indian Prime Minister. From that day her life changed upside down. Over a period of time, the couple was blessed with two children Rahul Gandhi (1970) and Priyanka Gandhi (1972).

Political Career Of Sonia Gandhi

Sonia Gandhi Real name
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After the assassination of her Husband in 1991, Sonia refused to come into politics. But in 1997, She stepped into politics as a primary member of the Indian National Congress. Only after one year, she became a party leader of INC.

Afterwards, Sonia Gandhi contested for the Lok Sabha Seats from Amethi and Bareily. She won from both sides and became Leader of the opposition in the Parliament in 1999. Thereafter, she won Lok Sabha Seat From Raebareli, Uttar Pradesh and retained that till now.

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6 Unknown Facts About Sonia Gandhi

Sonia Gandhi Real Name
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1. Sonia Gandhi father had fought alongside Hitler’s Army against the Soviet military in World War II.

2. As a kid, she loved to play football with the children from her neighbourhood.

3. At first, her father was not agreed about her marriage to a foreigner and one who belongs from an unknown country.

4. On 13 January 1968, Sonia Gandhi came to India for the first time and was welcomed by Rajiv Gandhi, Sanjay Gandhi and Amitabh Bachchan at the Delhi Airport.

5. She stayed with the Bachchan family at their Wellington Crescent House before her marriage.

6. Sonia had been through a miscarriage before Rahul Gandhi was born.

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Sonia Gandhi Controversies

Sonia Gandhi Controversies
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1. Sonia Gandhi was highly criticised for being the Super PM during the tenure of Dr Manmohan Singh.

2. She was criticised throughout her whole career for covering up the Bofors scam.

3. Sonia was also accused of supporting her assistant whose name was appeared in Augusta Westland Chopper Scam in 2013.

4. She had also been criticised when her son-in-law’s name came up in the real state scam.

5. In 2016, she was accused of violating the Income Tax Act 1961 in the National Herald Case. She also appeared in court for this.

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