Google shuts down 29 malicious Android apps downloaded many times


Google is frequently refining its Play Store with malicious apps, but by any means, these scam apps find their way back to the world again. In its latest effort, Google removed 29 such apps, some of which had already been downloaded millions of times.

As per the latest technology news, various Google Play ‘Beauty Camera’ apps send the users pornographic content and redirect them to phishing websites (the malicious act of keeping a false website or sending false email) to collect their pictures.

These apps are able to access remote ad configuration servers to execute attacks.

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In fact, a large number of the download counts originated from Aisa, especially in India, indicating the demographics of the region more exposed to such attacks.

These malicious applications make it difficult for the user to delete them because they create a shortcut to the app after being launched but hide its icon from the app list. These camera apps use packers that prevent them from analyzing.

One of the most common ways is that these apps execute phishing attacks by pushing various full-screen ads as soon as users unlock their devices.

Since none of these apps give any indication of doing such advertisements, it is difficult for users to identify and delete them.