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TOP 10 UFC hottest girls in 2023

If you’re a UFC fan, you’ve probably noticed the UFC hottest girls holding the round board.

The Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) is becoming increasingly popular. It is not always about the player; the game’s popularity is determined by a variety of factors. So let’s talk about the most prominent and hottest factor behind the huge fan following of UFC.

So, here is a list of the top hottest UFC octagon girls. Also, look at these top 10 extremely hot WWE divas.

Top 10 UFC hottest girls

The audience generally thinks that the UFC octagon girls are randomly picked. But, to be clear, they are not. Let’s know about the 10 UFC hottest girls.

1. Brittney palmer

UFC hottest girls

Brittney palmer is among the most popular names in UFC. She is still a prominent octagon girl. Her charm is what made her immensely popular among the fan of UFC. She has also been on the cover of popular magazines like playboy, sugarcane and discover Hollywood.

2. Arianny Celeste

ufc hottest girl 2023

UfC fans must hear commentator Mike Goldberg saying “Britney, Venessa, and beautiful Arianny”. Celeste is the most gorgeous UFC octagon girl. She has won the ‘ ring girl of the year title. Arianny has also been on the cover of Playboy magazine.

3. Carly baker

UFC hottest girls

Carly is among the top 10 UFC hottest girls. She has also been seen on tv for promotion. Not just an octagon girl, Carly has a huge fan following also. This gorgeous lady is also fascinated by pilates, Muay Thai, and dancing.

4. Jhenny Andrade

ufc hottest girl 2023

Before appearing on UFC, Andra was a famous Brazillian television presenter and blogger. Her perfect figure and confidence are what make her popular among UFC fans. Andrade is also among the list of 100 sexiest women in the world from the last 6 years.

5. Venessa Hanson

UFC hottest girls

With an amazing body and dangerous attitude, Vanessa Hanson never fails to grab the attention of UFC fans. She always wanted to be a model and landed up participating in the UFC guest octagon girl contest. After that, she started her journey at UFC. Also, look at these 10 most beautiful women in America.

6. Edith Labelle

ufc hottest girl 2023

Edith is the first Canadian octagon girl at UFC. She was asked to replace Ali Sonama. After getting immensely popular among fans one-day labella has been released from the company. The behind the same is still unknown. Whatever happened but just after that Labelle got an opportunity for being the lead actress.

7. Holly madison

UFC hottest girls

Holly Madison was a pop culture icon before making a statement appearance with a big effect on UFC 100. After making her entrance she soon becomes immensely popular among UFC fans.

8. Ali Sanoma

ufc hottest girl 2023

Ali Sanoma was one of the hottest blonds that have ever appeared on UFC. She started working as an octagon girl in 2006 and soon grabbed the attention of many fans. Along with this, she was being noticed by UFC hall of fame legend Diego Sanchez. They soon got married in 2007.

9. Amber Nichole miller

UFC hottest girls

If you have been following UFC from the beginning then you have heard of amber Nichole Miller. Miller is the first-ever UFC octagon girl. Before getting into UFC, miller was a model. She was also been featured in magazines like Maxim and muscle and fitness.

10. Chrissy Blair

ufc hottest girl 2023

Chrissy Blair was born in Florida. She started her career as a ring girl in the strike force. She is among the top 10 UFC hottest girls. She continues her career as a model and still appears as an octagon girl.

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