Rupee Falls To Its Lowest, Twitterati Go Berserk Over Failing Economy

So basically, the second quarter of 2019 is all about falling or failing maybe (Suit Yourself). Be it climate, be it our hopes of seeing Dhoni back in-game ( Ouch! that hurt) and now even rupee has walked in the footsteps!
Achhe Din much, you say?

downfall of rupee
Via: The Sentinel

So yeah the latest news is, the rupee opened on a rather weak note on Monday, declined by 21 Paise at 71.09 against the US Dollar.
Apart from our ministers failing to aid a dying economy, other reasons for the drastic downfall of rupee include rising demand for the US dollar vis-a-vis other currencies overseas.

FYI, the rupee closed at 70.88 against the US dollar on Friday.
Imagine the degree of downfall! Wonder what do the Bhakts have to say now!    *Sarcasmic Laugh*

downfall of rupee
Via: The Hindu Business Line

Something this big happens and Twitter keeps mum? Not possible in this world. Let’s see how they grilled ‘the responsible’ :

Don’t you think rupee is behaving like that ex who crossed every limit to make you uneasy? Or rather, the government is behaving like you who can’t take control of their life!

*Okay Sorry*

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