Friends with Benefits versus Pure Friendship and Love

Undoubtedly Youngsters have lots of options these days and these options are in relationships too. It gives them the choice of categorizing their relationships too. Nowadays today’s generation is staggering towards this trend of “Friends with Benefits(FWB)”, as many people suffer from this syndrome of lack of commitment but what will be its consequences? Does true love or Pure Friendship really even exists now?

Why Friends with Benefits is not recommended?

FWB is not recommended

People want to have a Physical relationship with someone without any commitment or being emotionally attached, this is what we are familiar with the term “FWB”, but let me tell you there is one more factor attached to it that we are wasting ourselves in it, well it is not to offend anyone but yes this is the reality.

See it’s a natural tendency of all humans to be inclined towards the opposite gender and absolutely it is not wrong and there is no harm in it. So why not we youngsters can have just a pure friendship, we can talk to each other, hang out together, go on outings, celebrate small things, enjoy the friendship, etc.

Having a carnal relationship is not morally wrong, it is usual people have their physical needs too, we all know that, but it is not necessary to fulfill all your needs as long as it is your so important need that you can’t live without it and we are not animals that we can’t control ourselves.

God has given us brains we should use them and bridle ourselves. You know when we start to have casual physical relationships without any love or any emotional attachment we tend to become confused and Indifferent we feel that it satisfies us superficially but actually we are not satisfied. We are always searching for something and become restless and that something is somewhere we want to have this kind of relationship with the person whom we actually have feelings.

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And why waste yourself, your soul just to satisfy your inane lust, instead of just have a good and pure friendship, having night outs by being just a friend is much better than having worthless nightstands. Hence in the debate of Friendship versus Friends with Benefits. Friendship wins.

You know when you get in a habit to remain active in these casual sexual relationships you tend to become uncomfortable day by day and when you really want to have not it would be said love making relationships with your special someone surprisingly you won’t have any pleasure in it because you have squandered yourself, your body in those despicable Friends with Benefits relationships.

True Friendship and Love Superior to Friends with Benefits

Friendship versus Friends with Benefits

As already said it is the natural proclivity of people to get attracted towards opposite gender and there is nothing wrong in it so we can have a genuine and refined friendship too where we can just talk with each other and continue as a good friendship, this would make us more contented.

Well, there was a time when love was symbolized like pure love between Radha and Krishna but it is known in today’s time it is difficult to see such type of relationships. But if we deeply and genuinely love someone this physical relationship automatically becomes start last priority.

The main intimacy starts with caring for someone, respecting them genuinely, making them comfortable with you, having cute hugs and kisses on the forehead, and when in the end such partners make love with each other, they are truly happy because not only their physical needs are satisfied but emotionally and mentally too they feel fulfilled.

And even sometimes this happens that we are not sure what type of feelings we have for someone. We think that maybe we feel more than a friendship so in that situation give yourself some time, see that you truly love him or her or its just that you are attracted towards them.

If you feel that you are just physically attracted so it is not necessary that you start to have a corporeal relationship, you still can be happy with Platonic relationships as previously said that you start wasting yourself with this FWB thing.

Well, you can also follow some techniques to control such sexual urges by meditation, fasting doing exercises, yoga, etc.

Pure relationships lead to better consequences than Casual Physical Relationships

Friendship versus Friends with Benefits

All in all,  just remember to say Lust is transient, it betrays you, but pure relationships fulfill you permanently. There can two things either Friendship or Love, this intermediate thing Friends with benefits which today’s youngsters have brought these days, it will lead to nowhere, it may ruin you.

In fact, if you just think how you even want to have such relationships where there is only this one nefarious thing like we are not just living to satisfy these needs only.

Lastly having a good friendship or having platonic relationships or if there is no casual sexual relationship but love-making between people who truly love





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