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Picking Lipstick According To Zodiac May Help You Find Soulmate

No matter how many trends come and go in a year, one remains forever green and that is following zodiac signs. And not just personality traits, sun signs are also very helpful in finding the right lipstick shade so that no stone remain untouched in finding a soulmate. That’s needed most especially when Valentine week is on the way. So, why to look for help outside when your sun signs can bring you closer to your dream love?

It may sound silly especially for those who don’t believe in daily horoscope but it absolutely works. Because getting dressed for a date-night can be a lot stressing. What to wear, which shade would match perfectly with the outfit, and so on… There’s only one solution to these endless queries- Wear lipsticks according to zodiac signs.

Here’s the best ones for you.

Red For Passionate Aries

lipstick according to zodiac
via: go4wedding

Passionate Aries should go for no shade other than classic red as the color symbolizes your passion and high-energy. For more eye-catching look, try shades of red in matte finish.

Nude For Stubborn Taurus

nude lipstick
via: charlottetilbury

Ambitious, practical, and stubborn Taurus is great personality. They love luxury, art and comfort but are famous for their dark horse personality. So, pink or nude color would be a perfect reflection of their traits.

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Glossy For Bossy Gemini

lipstick shade
via: thebeautyholic

Also called as social butterflies, Gemini is always buzzing about their work, achievements, peoples, and everything they like or dislike. But they are also very intelligent and indecisive at the same time.

For these bossy personalities, glossy peach color is absolutely perfect as they always look for someone who can mirror their nature.

Pink For Moody Cancerian

pink lipstick
via: bebeautiful

Cancerian are loyal, caring and one of the best zodiac signs but they can be the worst persons as well. It depends on their mood. However, their feminine and motherly nature are loved by many.

So, pink shades are perfect for these warming personalities.

Gold For Bold Leo

gold lipstick
via: lorealparisusa

Leos are brave, passionate, charismatic, jealous, and dominating personality. Gold defines all and thus a perfect color for the Leo girls. So, ladies, go paint your lips in gold or adorn with glitter and for more dramatic look, you can even pick a bold red lipstick. It will make your partner instantly go head over heels.

Bright Shades For Perfectionist Virgo

bright lipstick
via: bebeautiful

Kind, gentle, health conscious, multifunctional, and perfectionist, Virgos always take decision based on logic and practicality. These hyper-aware zodiac signs are also helping creature. Bright shades suit well to these amazing zodiacs.

But Virgos don’t like brighter shades so we have an alternative as well. Pick a dark orange-brown lipstick.

Shimmery Pink For Romantic Libras

shimmery pink lipstick
via: youtube

Libras are very romantic and to reflect their soft personality shimmery pink would give them an ultrafeminine look.

Dark Impulse For Scorpions

dark lipstick
via: newbeauty

Even though Scorpios are very emotional they don’t fall easily in love. Dark color like deep purple, brown, scarlet shows this dark and double side.

Plum For Sagittarius

plum lipstick
via: lifenlesson

Wild Sagittarius is adventurous, independent, social, friendly, honest, intellectual but lack patience. They love to chase so a plum lipstick will help them chase the love of life.

Matte Brown For Classic Capricorns

matte brown
via: bebeautiful

Thoughtful, well-balanced, and shy Capricorns are loners but once they find the right partner they remain loyal to them. And to help them get love outside their friend circles classic color like matter brown blends with their earthy personality.

Unconventional Hue For Aquarius

lipstick according to zodiac
via: lorealparisusa

Not everyone can ace the iridescent hues like Aquarians and the reason is their offbeat fashion sense. They can’t get comfortable easily and are very unusual personalities. Assertiveness, critical thinking, professionalism, are their positive traits but they can’t deal with emotional situations.

They hate boring occasions so pale blue would be an interesting lipstick shade as they hate following others.

Bubblegum Pink For Creative Pisces

via: alexie

Pisces is most kind-hearted zodiac signs who listen to their heart. Their creative side makes others fall in love with them but they are also very cruel and violent that can turn their lovers into haters.

Moreover, reality doesn’t affect them much as they are dreamers. Thus, bubblegum pink is perfect edition for this generous and mystical personality.

Love comes in different colors and if you pick out the right one according to your zodiac, you’ll surely get the true love. So, go get yours!



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