Pets That Are Low Maintenance And Easy To Take Care For Beginners!

Don’t we all just love the cute kitten and puppies on the streets and want to take them home?
But, then again we stop our trail of thoughts when we realize that having a pet means taking responsibility, requires hard work and time.
Do you wish there was some kind of alternative so that you can own one without much effort?
Well, you can actually! Some pets are low maintenance and don’t require a lot of care in return.
So, if you are a beginner who doesn’t know anything about pet care or a parent who wants to buy a pet for your child here are a few options for you:

1. Guinea Pigs

Guinea Pigs

Guinea pigs are small fluffy animals, who don’t require a lot of investment. They need hay, fresh veggies and a clean cage.
Plus, you can litter train them too!
They play with their owners, make squeaking noises and even popcorn when they are happy. They are not nocturnal, so they will play with you in the day with pleasure. They are low-maintenance but you need to buy them in a pair. They are timid and pretty calm creatures who don’t bite often hence, make great pets for children.

2. Fishes

Via: Animals And Birds

Fishes like bettas or goldfish are easiest to care for. They are colourful and pleasant to look at. They just require a heated or cold water tank depending upon the variety and fish food. Also, you need to clean the tank weekly which makes it easier even for adults who have a busy life to keep them as pets.

3. Turtle

Via: CDC

Painted turtle pet is a life long commitment as it lives up to 65 years. They interact with their owners and even recognize their footsteps. They mostly interact with them in the feeding time and swim up to the surface to greet them. Turtles are great pets for adults but for children not so much, as they carry salmonella.

4. Rats

Via: Odyssey

Rats are small and can be kept in cages most of the time, although they require one hour of exercise daily. They are curious and can be trained easily. They love playing games and are always up for treats. As they are not fussy eaters you won’t spend a lot on their food.

5. Parakeets

Via: Birdy Bards

They are small to medium-sized colourful birds who have very different personalities and needs. You can choose the one that suits your lifestyle. They would mimic your voice and respond to you. As they live for 8-20 years, you would be able to develop a deep relationship with your pet.

6. Rabbits

Via: Mother Nature Network

They are fun, curious and love puzzles. You’ll never get bored with a rabbit in your home. They prefer being in pairs and require a lot of space. They require a lot of hay so it’s preferable to keep them in the garden. Rabbits are best suited to adults and older children as pets.

I hope you find your soul animal in these recommendations but always remember that no matter how low maintenance a pet is, they need lots of love from their owners.

Happy Hunting!

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