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The Promo For Netflix’s Special With David Letterman & SRK Has Released And We’re Fretting Over What All To-Watch This October!

The promo for Netflix specials David Letterman’s My Next Guest Needs No Introduction ft. Shah Rukh Khan has dropped and we can’t help but keep calm! 

The late-night legendary anchor David Letterman and Shahrukh Khan will be seen chatting away in a very candid mode!

Via: India Today

We all are aware of the wits of Shahrukh Khan when it comes to interviews and talk shows, and a combination of him and David Letterman would sure be a treat to look out for!

Letterman visited India on numerous occasion for the shoot where he talks about Shahrukh being the biggest movie star of the world and how that fact made it a very different experience for him!

You can watch the promo here:

The stand-alone interview will air on October 25th.


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