Perfect Gift For Rose Day According To Zodiacs

Rose Day-A perfect day to tell your crush or spouse that you love them. A rose and a heartwarming letter are all you need to gift your beloved to grab their attention. Sometimes picking a perfect bouquet for your crush can be a big task.

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Confused which flower to gift them this Rose Day to woo them? Then don’t worry because here is a perfect guide for you to buy the perfect bouquet of roses for your crush according to their zodiac sign. So, let’s take a leap from ‘Hum Aapke Hain Kaun’ to ‘Tujhme Rab Dikhta Hai Yaara Main Kya Karu’ with a rose.

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Which Rose Colour Is Best For Your Bae

  • Aries, Leo, and Saggitarius – The Passionate Signs

These zodiac signs are driven by the fire element. People with these zodiacs are bold, fierce, dominating, independent, strong, and confident in nature. Accordingly, choose a rose for them that looks as strong as their personality.

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If you are dating someone with any of these zodiacs then gift them a Yellow, Orange, or Red rose.

  • Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn – The Earth Signs

These zodiacs are deeply rooted. People with these zodiacs are responsible, stable, perfectionist, reliable and serious. They always crave security and thus gift them the shades of Pink, Peach, and Green roses to impress them.

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  • Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius – The Air Signs

People with these zodiacs are calm and believe in going with the flow. They are the most desirable, pure, spiritual, honest, calm, and empathetic individuals. They prefer simple and personalized gifts over fancy ones. Do justice with them by buying a White, Cream, Crimson or, Salmon colored rose.

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  • Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces – The Aqueous Signs

These signs are controlled by water- the source of life. Sensitive, loving, friendly, powerful, easy-going, passionate, and gentle – these signs are a perfect pack of every emotion. Planning to propose someone with any of these zodiac signs? Then grab a shade of Blue, Purple or Lavender rose for them.

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Roses are the most beautiful and romantic gift one can receive. They are the symbol of love and passion. This Rose Day gift your Bae a rose according to their zodiac and make them fall for you again.

Have a happy Rose Day!!!!

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