People Are Lashing Out On Modiji’s Script Writer For Missing Out On Mentioning The Availability Of Basic Services

Yesterday PM Modi addressed the whole nation at 8 PM. He took the much necessary decision of announcing lockdown of the entire country for 21 days.

The coronavirus pandemic has affected the country and the lockdown was done as a preventive measure from further spread of the virus. Social distancing should be minimized due to which the lockdown was made necessary.

Just after PM Modi’ speech, we saw people rushing towards grocery stores and hoarding up household items.

Via: Vox

He forgot to mention the availability of basic necessities would still be there. It was later through his tweets the situation was made clear. But till then it was too late as people panicked and began stocking up for essential items.

The lockdown was necessary but missing out on this basic and important information made the whole concept of lockdown pointless.

People took it to Twitter and this is what they said:

People were obviously not prepared for this announcement and since no further comfort was given about the availability of basic necessities, people panicked.

To All those who Are Still Confused, These Are The Things That Will Be Available During The Lockdown As Well:

So don’t panic, don’t hoard things and don’t go outside.

Stay home, Stay safe! 

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