The 141 years old Cricket tradition of coin toss swapped with a bat flip


The 141 years old Cricket tradition of coin toss swapped with a bat flip! This would be one of the most interesting news for all cricket lovers out there. The 141 years old cricket tradition was conked out on Wednesday in the Big Bash League T20, Brisbane.

Well, before you lose yourself to the brilliant cricket history, let me tell, it was a toss with a bat. Since the inaugural test match in 1877, tossing a coin had prevailed as a traditional method. However, BBL in its eighth season has decided to switch it to a ‘bat flip’. Now, this bat flip instead of a coin toss is something really weird and certainly questionable in terms of reliability.

The first teams to make a decision with a bat flip were Adelaide Strikers and Brisbane Heat. They flipped a bat, instead of tossing a coin in order to decide who would bowl first, about half-an-hour before their match started.

The honor of flipping the bat was given to Matthew Hayden, the legendary Australian Batsman while Colin Ingram, the visiting team captain made the call. However, this time instead of ‘heads’ or ‘tails’ the captain was asked to chose between “hills” or “flats”.

These terms were much synonymous to the homegrown terms that are used by backyard cricket players in Australia.

Moreover, considering the gaming standards, the bat used for the flip was also a standard one and was known to be supplied by BBL. Ingram called roofs while the bat landed on its back. This meant that he had won the bat flip. Adelaide decided to bowl first.


As per head of the League, Kim McConnie, an important reason for this change was to “reflect what BBL is all about” McConnie also added to his words by saying that most people don’t like change however, they may hardly remember the last time they watched a coin being tossed with complete attention. The change was therefore necessary.

While Twenty20 had been the shortest games played in the elite completion, a coin toss holds great importance.

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There are really few breaks in the conventional one-day game; however, a toss is indeed great in essence to the delays due to unusual events or weather which can have a considerable impact on the choice of the captain to bowl or bat first.