Objects To be Kept in Home For Luck, Wealth and Positivity

There are many lucky things, by which we should embellish our house for attracting positive vibes and good fortune. These elements are considered lucky charm for home according to Vastu and has the tendency to make our house like heaven. Anyone who is facing financial difficulties or have difficulty in concentrating on their work or any health issues, or if you want to be saved from these issues,  trying these vastu things, Lucky objects for home will at least mitigate some of the problems and save from all negative energies and difficulties.

Just Take a look at some of the following important elements: 

1) Shree Kuber Yantra

Lucky objects for home

Kuber is symbolized as a powerful source of money, it is used by many kings, leaders, businessmen. It brings immense opportunities and profits to your business, if anyone is struggling to find good jobs or promotion, it helps in that also. It eradicates all the impediments and makes your way smooth. Make sure to put this yantra on East or North direction on an altar or a platform. This can also be at your workplace for attracting profits and preventing losses.

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2) Crystal  Shree Yantra


Crystal Shree Yantra is basically observed for spiritual purposes like pujas and all. It is also viewed to bring rich opulence, success, victories , name, fame and money. This yantra removes all the negative energy and makes your mind stable. Most important it is recommended to be placed in puja ghar( god room), office and make sure that you place in the right direction , it should be placed in East, North or North- East directions.

3) Wind Chimes


Wind Chimes are viewed to bring high positive energy, peaceful vibes and contentment. It adds to the perfect beauty of the home. Its sound is so soothing and symbolizes happiness and cheerfulness. Metal wind chimes should be placed in north, northwest and the west areas while Wooden wind chimes should be placed in southeast, east and south directions.

4) Burning Incense


We usually burn incense sticks while praying, its smoke is considered to bring purity and divinity of home, it pours blessings on us and help to solve our confusions, its aroma feels to bring enlightenment and fill the ambience with joy and satisfaction. It diminishes the negative vibes and replace it with positivity.

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5) Elephant Statuette and Horseshoe


Elephants are viewed as  loyal, devoted and faithful animal. If you think that your destiny is not supporting you then keep elephant figurines at your home, it brings abundance of luck and properity. Elephants are quite wise and good- natured animal, it will support you in every way.

Also hanging a horseshoe is believed to bring treasures and fortuties. Just take care in placing it. It should hanged above the door with open end facing upwards. These Lucky objects for home are must for bringing pleasant and positive vibes.

6) Bamboo Sticks and Fresh Flowers

Lucky objects for home

According to feng-shui Bamboo sticks are quite favorable for attracting luck, peace and increasing our concentration and memory power. It is quite beneficial to decorate your house with Bamboo plant.

Decorating home with fresh flowers spreads inherent optimistic vibes and gives relaxation to mind but don’t forget to remove it once they are dead and decayed.

7) Money Plant


Well many of us are aware of its advantages, money plant undoubtedly is considered the symbol of plentiness and believed to bring hordes of money. They are primarily considered auspicious according to feng-sgui.

8) Fish and Fish Aquarium


Keeping the fish statues or fish aquarium is also considered to be quiet useful. Fishes are symbolised for enhancing wealth, fortitude, well-being, health , happiness and affluence. Fish aquarium is recommended as it is viewed to heal many vastu or other doshas. Many studies have proved that it works in reducing stress, anxiety, depression and other useless pressures. If some obstacles are coming in your way, it even clears that and bring success.

9) Laughing Buddha


Keeping Buddha statue at the main part of home is considered sacred. It brings with it extreme success, lots of wealth and excellent vibes. Rubbing the tummy of Buddha will work in a more fine way for attracting magnificence.

10) Peacock Feathers


According to Hindu culture, being set on the crown of Krishna Bhagwan it carries immense importance.  It gives a sense of spirituality, divinity and reverence. Also it disentangles all the negative energies and blesses with enlightenment, peace and gratification. Thus with all these vastu Lucky objects for home can help to spread peace and divinty.



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