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Frankfurt: Travel Around The Land Of Skyscrapers

One of the best cities in Germany and the finance capital, Frankfurt has wonderful tourist attractions to capture the attention of Dromomania around the world. Right from the breathtaking skyscrapers to the city’s famous museums, there are lot more frankfurt tourist places to explore. This global city is perfect to explore the history, science, culture, and flavors of North America at once. That is why it is also called Manhattan.

So, if you are in Germany then do add these Frankfurt tourist places to your travel bucket.

Top 5 Frankfurt Tourist Places

Romerberg: The Heart of Frankfurt

Well said! This asymmetrical square with old notable buildings and the busy pedestrian is the most-visited and one of the popular Frankfurt tourist places. The justice fountain at the center of the square surrounded by the buildings of medieval-era reminds the life of the 18th century. And to bring you closer to the old-city culture of Frankfurt, these places are a must-visit in Romerberg.

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frankfurt tourist attractions

Explore the historic buildings of Frankfurt, Ostzeille is the oldest and beautiful of all to behold the architectural style from medieval to modern times

  1. The old town hall or Altes Rathaus
  2. Kaisersaal or Imperial Hall
  3. St.Nicholas Church and St. Leonhard Church
  4. The historic building of Frankfurt- Wertheim House

Lose Yourself In The Serenity Of The Palm Garden

Amidst the tallest buildings of Frankfurt lie the beautiful 54-acre garden that is one of the best frankfurt tourist places. The Palm Garden was open in public in 1871 and since then it is attracting tourists with a wide variety of botanical plants, subtropical species.

frankfurt attractions

The garden has various greenhouses plants, picnic spots, and ideal for nature-lovers. Moreover, there are ample places to visit near Frankfurt’s Palm Garden.

  1. Tower Of Europe: The 337-meter high tower is a popular tourist spot to get a panoramic view of the city and enjoy the exotic recipes from the restaurant
  2. Another pleasant place for the nature-lover is the Nidda Valley park which is also known as People’s Park
  3. Come to Gruenburgpark to spend evening within the nature, it is near Palm Garden

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Senckenberg Natural History Museum

If you are relaxing at the Senckenberg Gardens after a tiresome journey, then you should not miss a chance to see the sights of Frankfurt’s modern museum. This Natural museum will take you on a time-travel journey where you can learn about the evolution of humans, the existence of the world’s biggest mammals, and the beautiful collection of stuffed birds.

places to visit in Frankfurt

The Senckenberg Natural Museum is one of the worth visiting Frankfurt tourist places. You can attend the workshops, lectures, and learn more about the biodiversity of the planet with the visual guides. And to make your itinerary memorable, buy the wonderful souvenirs from the shops located nearby.

Discover The Life Of Germany’s Greatest Writer

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, an artist and writer who amused with his beautiful poetries, and literary works that brought waves of romance during the 19th century, was born here. The greatness of Johann can be estimated with the fact that he is compared with Shakespeare.

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places to visit in Frankfurt

Such a great artist was born in Frankfurt and to pay tribute to his notable contribution, a 14-room Museum is built. Also known as Goethe Museum, this building showcases the masterpieces of Johann. Visitors can explore his house where he used to live with his family and staff.

Besides these two famous Frankfurt tourist places, check out the nearby shopping malls, cafes, galleries, and boutiques.

Explore The Wildlife At Frankfurt Zoo

The city is not only known for the museums and skyscrapers but also for having wide fauna species. The old Friedberger Tor of the city is home to the wildlife of Madagascar. This is the best place to visit with kids. Moreover, it has wildlife and marine life from different habitats that survive well in this unique jungle setting of the zoo.

frankfurt tourist places

They offer themed tours and exhibitions to make your visit exciting and interesting. Apart from these top 5 places to visit in Frankfurt, take a trip to:

  1. Museum of Modern Art
  2. Famous market of the city- Kleinmarkthalle
  3. St. Bartholomew Cathedral
  4. Visit Stadel Art Museum
  5. Iron Footbridge of Frankfurt- Eiserner Steg
  6. Hauptwache- The Busiest Hub of City
  7. German Film Museum

There are luxury hotels, budget rooms, and many sightseeing tours to let you explore the countryside without compromising with comfort and budget. So, on your next trip must come to this finance capital of Germany.

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