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Now Book Uber Via Whatsapp, Learn More About The New Feature And Its Working

Uber has joined hands with Meta-owned Whatsapp to offer a comfortable and fair ride option to all its customers across India. In a recent announcement, the US-based company has launched a new service that will allow Uber booking by all its users without even the Uber app.

The senior director of Uber APAC embraced the new partnership and said this is to make an Uber trip easy, simple, and safe for every customer via platforms they are most comfortable with.

Whatsapp India Head, Abhijit Bose has also welcomed this move and said “We are excited about the potential of this partnership and look forward to creating more such customized solutions for products and services across sectors in India.” 

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Uber Booking Via Whatsapp – How It Works

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The new feature will work via a Whatsapp chat interface where users can register, book, and even track the locations of the driver. Customers can avail this service via:

  1. A message to Uber through Whatsapp
  2. QR code scanning
  3. Uber Whatsapp chat

Users can pick any option as per their suitability. They will get all the information regarding registration, booking, the arrival of the booked vehicle, driver’s detail, license plate number, etc. The new service also allows customers to speak directly to the respective driver without leaking their original number.

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This is for the safety of customers and for emergency cases; they can get in touch with Uber’s customer support team easily. There is an emergency option given for quick connection to the safety numbers and within half an hour they will receive the help.

The entire process of uber booking is kept the same except, the platform which means there is no need to download the official app. Both new and registered users can access it. As of now, service will be offered in Lucknow and only in one language i.e. English. The company is planning to include more languages and expand the feature to the entire country by 2022.

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