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Money-Stealing Joker Virus Is Back, Delete These Apps Now

Although Google Play Store offers safe and secure applications for android users, a few malware are smart enough to bypass security checks. One such malware is the Joker virus which is considered dangerous and not easy to get rid of. A Kaspersky malware analyst has recently warned the users about the return of viruses in 14 Android apps.

What Is A Joker Virus And How It Works?

Joker Virus

It is a Trojan that keeps on updating its code and pay-load retrieving techniques so that it can continuously attack different apps.  The virus secretly makes its way to commonly used applications like file scanners, photo editing, and QR code scanner.

It then extracts necessary information of users such as their contacts, text messages, and device info. Not only this, the malware can even view OTPs and perform actions in place of an authorized user.

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It is more dangerous as the virus can subscribe to any paid services without the knowledge of users to steal their money.  As per a report by Quick Heal (The antivirus software providing company), the Joker virus works by asking for access to the notification. It then views SMS, OTPs, and contacts. Once the user gives permission to access these services, the virus performs malicious activities even without giving any hint to the user.

Joker Virus Apps List 2021 

Here are the applications you must uninstall from the device ASAP to protect your privacy and money.

  1. Smart TV Remote
  2. Super-Click VPN
  3. Easy PDF Scanner
  4. Now QR Code Scan
  5. Super Hero-Effect
  6. Halloween Colouring
  7. Battery Charging Animation Bubble Effects
  8. Volume Boosting Hearing Aid
  9. Volume Booster Louder Sound Equalizer
  10. Battery Charging Animation Wallpaper
  11. Dazzling Keyboard
  12. EmojiOne Keyboard
  13. Classic Emoji Keyboard
  14. Flashlight Flash Alert on Call

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A few months ago, The Belgian authorities also detected the joker virus in 8 applications of the Play Store. These were Fast Magic SMS, Go Messages, Super SMS, Travel Wallpapers, Free CamScanner, Element Scanner, and Auxiliary Message. The Joker Virus was first spotted in 2017 and since then it keeps affecting apps repeatedly.

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