Netflix Series “House of Secrets: The Burari Deaths” Solves A Real-Life Mystery

House Of Secrets: The Burari Deaths, a Netflix series, is unlike any other fictional horror or crime series. It will give you goosebumps and fill you with endless questions about how a normal happy family which was preparing for a member’s wedding bucket dies all of a sudden. Who killed all 11 members of a family at once? Was it possible and if yes, how? Even police and CBI failed to answer this which made it the most mysterious case so far.

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What Happened In Burari Case?

The 3-episodes series is based on a real-life incident from the suburbs of Burari, Delhi. On, 1st July 2018, a neighbor of the Chundawat family could not believe his eyes when he found the entire family hanging from the ceiling of their house. There were 11 members including small children, an old lady, and four men.

There was no evidence of mass killing or robbery. All that police could found was a normal family who died hanging with dupattas after performing a ritual. The only survivor was their dog who was found tied on the terrace.

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Police Suspect 2 Theories Behind Mass Death


Nobody heard any voice for help before it happened. So who killed them? After failed investigation due to lack of evidence, police found two theories behind the Burari case. First, it was an accidental death backed by black magic or mental illness that might force family members to commit suicide.

If the second theory was the reason, somebody might have asked for help but nobody knew what was happening behind the doors of the Chundawat family. But the first theory came out to be stronger and the youngest member Lalit was behind all.

The Mysterious Case Of Lalit Chundawat


Lalit went mute after a tragic accident after his father Mr. Bhopal’s death, he took care of the family as he believed his father’s spirit guided him. At first, nobody believed, but when Lalit got his voice after doing a prayer as said by his father in a dream, the entire family started following him.

CBI found several notebooks that carried instructions given by Lalit’s father Bhopal which guided the family to be righteous, religious and showed them a path to prosperity. The forensics team found that the notes were written by 2 daughters of the family, apparently after being dictated by Lalit.

On that unfortunate night, as per the notebook, Lalit asked the family to perform the last ritual for his dad so that he could come back. He convinced all to hang themselves as they would not die but it did not happen.

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Police also found a different reason that made Lalit do the ritual. His niece was getting married and he feared she would spill the beans after leaving the family. These two speculations although gave few answers during the investigation they also came to know that Lalit had Psychotic disorder and schizophrenia.

House of Secrets: The Burari Deaths documents these theories in the best possible way but still there are questions left unanswered due to lack of evidence.

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