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Must Watch: Vietnamese Coronavirus Safety Dance Goes Viral

An infectiously melodious song dropped by the health department of Vietnam regarding protecting yourself against the father of the virus ‘Coronavirus’ is making rounds online all across the globe.

The song, named Ghen Co Vy, is a song collaboration between famous musicians Min, Khac Hung, and Erik along with Vietnam’s health institute. The song uses the melody from Erik and Min’s song Ghen. However, the song includes fresh lyrics demonstrating protective measures against the Coronavirus.

The song is posted on youtube with a caption;

In this critical moment of fighting the plague, we hope the song can spread more fire and less stress to the frontline soldiers of this war,”

“That is the team of experts, physicians, health workers, and millions of workers who are in the front lines of exposure and daily struggle with the disease.”

The song includes lyrics like: “Wash our hands, rub, rub, rub, rub evenly”, “Do not touch eyes, nose, mouth”, and “limit visits to crowded places”.

Watch the viral Coronavirus song below

We want the song to give fire and reduce tension for those… leading this fight, including experts, doctors, medical workers and millions of laborers who are on the frontline to fight this epidemic daily  Said – Vietnam Health Ministry

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